October 28, 2005

Before I begin to record the events of the day, one quick announcement: Dominica got her first professional IT job today!! That being said… read on for details.

Min and I had to get up this morning so that she could get up to the city to an interview. This is only the second job that has been interested in her so far. It is hard for her looking for word at this stage because she doesn’t really have any experience yet so everything is based off of what she has learned in school, done in certifications or whatever. The first couple of jobs are always hard. The interview was at 10:30 this morning up on Lexington in the city. We got up there plenty early with Oreo riding along with us. He is so happy to get to go places with us and hates being left alone so even if he never gets a chance to get out of the car it is still better if he gets to go. So Oreo and I sat in the car while Dominica went into the interview. They told her that the interview would only last twenty minutes. I had some phone calls to make so that worked out all right. I got some stuff done that I needed to. I took Oreo out for a walk and still had plenty of time. Dominica ended up being in the interview for almost an hour! There was definitely a bounce in her step as she came back out. She was very happy with how the interview went and was very confident.

We went to Borders after the interview because I wanted to see what JAVA book options there were. Then we decided to go to Friendly’s to get some lunch. We called Eric and he came down and met us at Friendly’s. He just had some coffee while we ate lunch.

We arrived home around 2:00 and were hardly there at all before the recruiter called to tell Min that she had been offerred the job. Boy was Min excited. She had to go to work at 3:00. But she was able to go in and tell them that she got a new job and that she is cutting back her hours there. The hotel was looking to scale back hours anyway because they are heading into the winter season and things just aren’t busy there during the winter. So Min told them that she would work just the two audit (overnight) shifts and not the evening desk shifts starting next week. The hotel was pretty happy as that actually made a lot of things a lot easier for them. Min is scheduled to start at Fuji eSystems in Rochester on Wednesday, Novemeber Ninth. They wanted her to start earlier but we are on vacation obviously and Dominica needs an opportunity to talk to her professor out at FLCC so that they can figure out what they can do to work around her schedule.

As mentioned on the SGL Podcast, you HAVE to get out there and check out FireANT – a free video blog or vlog aggregator for Windows and MacOS X. The incredibly cool vlog RocketBOOM. If you haven’t seen Amanda at RocketBOOM yet, you are missing out on the vlogging revolution. RocketBOOM also releases all of their content under the Creative Commons license making them extra cool.

I should mention that according to Technorati this blog is the leading authority on both sheep and llamas! Now there is something we can say about ourselves.

Oreo got really sick this afternoon. Sick enough that the vet made me take him in right away so that they could get a look at him. They were pretty worried. Oreo was definitely feeling badly – I could tell from the way that he looked at me. He was scared. They gave him some medicine at the vet and made me take away Oreo’s food and water for most of the night. I stopped by Wegmans on the way back to pick up some supplies for Oreo and some dinner for myself. Then we came back home. I tried to work in the office but Oreo was so upset and needed me so often that I wasn’t able to do anything in the office. So I finally just put in a DVD in the living room and watched some BBC television while Oreo tried to snuggle with me. He really wanted to sit on my lap and be held but he couldn’t get comfortable. It was really scary with him acting strange. He couldn’t decide where he wanted to be and he kept wandering from one part of the house to another. He was so restless that it was really worrying me. I have no idea what he thinks he is doing. I am hoping that he is dazed from the medicine making him so tired and just wanting to do something and so it makes him wander around. I know that I can get tired yet restless sometimes. I hope that that is all that it is.

Nate called this evening from Perry. Apparently he is over there this evening without a lot going on so he decided that he was going to come over to hang out. That is pretty awesome since we almost never get a chance to see each other. Our schedules just don’t ever give us a chance to hook up these days. Getting old is tough.

Min came home from work and the three of us watched Napolean Dynamite down in the theatre. Nate hadn’t seen it yet if you can believe that. Of course he thought that it was hilarious. Oreo managed to sleep through the entire movie to our great relief.

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