October 31, 2005

Today would have been my grandmother’s 90th birthday. 🙁 Happy Birthday to Euphemia Allen Miller. October 31, 1915 – October 12, 2005.

I am posting today’s daily a day ahead of time since I know that I cannot post on Monday. Here are the details that everyone needs to know:

This morning at noon Dominica and I are flying out of Rochester and will be arriving in Orlando, Florida at 3:13 in the afternoon. Dad is taking us to the airport and is watching over Oreo this week as well as checking in on Mr. Humphries. We have a car scheduled to get us from the airport and we will be staying just outside of the main gates of Walt Disney World for one week. We are returning next Monday, November 7th, early in the morning and should be arriving in Rochester at noon. So we are scheduled to be gone for one week exactly – to the minute.

To make our Disney adventure more exciting and to allow all of our friends to be involved, we have decided to turn our vacation into a multimedia extravaganza! The first order of business will be, of course, keeping the SGL Dailies flowing as usual. Beginning on Tuesday I am hoping to have updates coming out regularly again. So keep checking in all week to see how things are going. We will also be doing the SGL Podcast as a joint show by both Dominica and I hopefully every night or almost every night. The show has grown so much in popularity in the last two weeks that we are anticipating a rather sizable audience. We think that this is going to be the highlight of the trip. Dominica is really looking forward to getting some time off from her regular work and getting to be on the show. So be sure to tune in and listen to our end of day wrap up. For audio updates during the day you can go to SGL 2 where we will be updating via cell phone throughout the day even when we don’t have direct Internet access so that everyone can keep up to date at all different times. SGL 2 will also have any important updates to the whole “vacation experience” in case anyone needs technical information. We will also have a Flickr page and feed that will be updated each day with images that we have taken in the park that day. This will make it really easy for people to see our pictures as they are being taken instead of later when no one is interested any longer. Look to the SGL Navigation bar for links to the Flickr page and feed. Then to top it all of we now have a Video Blog or Vlog where we will be posting our vacation videos that we put together each day. The only camera that we are taking is a small Kodak CX7530 but it has some basic video functionality so we will be using that. We do have 1160MB of flash memory for taking pictures and videos in the park so we should be in pretty good shape.

Thanks everyone for checking in. I expect that the first update will be when we land in Florida around the end of the business day today. So hop over to SGL 2 and see how the trip is going!

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