November 22, 2005

I was totally exhausted when I got up at 7:30 this morning. I feel like I haven’t had a enough sleep in weeks. I am still fighting a cold a little and that isn’t helping me feel wide awake. All of the work that I have to do over the next two days isn’t making me feel any better either.

Jeremy and I left to go down to Castile just a little after 9:00. Not as early as I had been hoping but I just didn’t have enough energy to have gone any earlier and it was an effort to get Jeremy out of bed as it was. We worked until around noon or so before we broke for lunch. We got a lot done in the first few hours. I was very happy with the progress. We are hoping to get enough done today that the school will be able to use the computers at least a little on Monday when they return from their Thanksgiving holiday. So far this year there hasn’t been any computers available to students and only three for the faculty so there is a lot of work left to be done and we need to do it as quickly as possible.

We went to Lorraine’s for lunch right downtown in Castile. They have really good food and the prices are extremely low. It is cheaper than eating at home, I am sure of it. We were both starving having skipped breakfast and then having worked hard all morning. Jeremy got some shrimp and I got the country fried fish sandwich. Our lunches were so good that we both decided that instead of getting dessert that we would both have another round of lunch. Yummy.

I hadn’t planned on being at the school very late but there was so much to do that we didn’t end up leaving until almost 3:00. But we did manage to be productive. We got a new computer hooked up and working in the new “hallway” computer spot. There is a spot that is really wide in the main school hallway where we are planning on putting two computers that students will be able to use at any time. We only have one machine to go there currently and it is up and running. That new machine is both the fastest computer in the school as well as the first machine in the school that has an LCD flat panel monitor. We got some wires run and some computers updated to SUSE 10.0. All in all it was a victory day.

I took Jeremy home and then came home for a busy evening of web design. I have a ton of work that needs to be done tonight so there is not fun for me. Dominica spent the evening sitting in the moon chair in the office reading her new TNIV Study Bible while I worked. It made for a really long night not having any real time to do anything relaxing.

Dominica did make a Walmart run this evening and picked up some new lamps for the house. We have been short a bit of lighting recently and needed something to fill in the gaps. She got a small touch lamp that is to go beside the bed so that she can read in bed without having to wake me up to turn off the main room light. And she finally moved the main room light back to a wall socket that is connected to the light switch on the wall so that we can use the actual light switch once again. That is very helpful. She also got a nice desk / lamp combination unit to put in the office. She spent a bit of the night assembling that unit. It goes beside her moon chair so and lets her store a bit of stuff beneath it and have a drink and snack on top while she reads or knits or whatever. It is nice to have a decent light in this room now so that I can actually see things from time to time. One of the first things that she did with the light was to play with the hamster for a while. Mr. Humphries is starting to get pretty old. He is coming up on three years. It is very sad. He definitely isn’t the spry young rodent that he used to be. I managed to take a few seconds of video of he and Min playing before the camera batteries died. I really wish that the camera didn’t eat through batteries so quickly. That is really a pain.

Before going to bed Min and I managed to quickly record a short episode of the podcast and I managed to squeeze out the daily Bible reading. Then it was off to bed. Only 10:30 and all ready going to bed. Boy do I ever feel old. I have to be up at 5:30 so that I can get to the city to work at the UofR at 7:00. Tomorrow is probably going to be a really long day so I need as much sleep as possible tonight.

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