November 23, 2005

Don’t forget that tomorrow is Tofurkey day! Yummy delicious Tofurkey!

I was up at 5:30 this morning. Boy did I not want to have to get out of bed. To make it even harder to get out of bed Oreo was sleeping right next to me sharing my pillow and laying across my arm. He is SO snuggly! But I had to drag myself out of bed since it is a busy day.

I was out the door just after 6:00 and discovered that there was actually a real covering of snow on the ground. I wasn’t expecting that when I got up this morning. This is the first that I have gone out and really had snow. The ground was totally white. I remembered to take out the trash too. So far so good this morning. On time and remembering things.

The drive up to the city was tough. My summer tires on my Mazda are totally shot. Bald as can be and scalloped really badly so I was sliding all over the road from the little bit of snow that we had. That slowed me down a lot this morning. I finally got up to the University of Rochester and discovered that neither was there any space anywhere where you are allowed to park if you are not a student (not even employees apparently get a place to park) but there also was no one working in the visitor or parking information boothes so that there was nothing that you could do about parking should you be like me and need to be able to park.

I worked at the UofR from 7:00 am until 11:00 am. I had been planning on being there all day but it ended up being only a half day project and the second half is expected to be happening in late December or early January. That was good because I was tired and there is just a lot going on today and I didn’t feel like burning the whole day up in the city.

Dominica took Oreo over to dad’s house before she went to work so he was only over there for about an hour before I called to say that I could come to get him. Dad had to run some errands today so he decided to bring the pooch over to Geneseo with him and meet me for lunch at the Omega Grill. That saved me a bit of driving today and I am relieved.

Oreo and I were back home a little after 1:00. Eric popped over to use the computer for a little bit. He has gotten a bunch of new computer stuff at his “office” except for one key piece of equipment: a computer. Yup, another week has gone by with no sign of any type of machine on which for Eric to do any type of work at all. It is going to take him a month to catch up on all of the company email that has been backing up in the account that he has never seen. He has had a corporate email account for months and has never even seen it. Isn’t that a statement about corporate America. Its amazing how little this company cares about doing anything at all.

I spent the afternoon working in the office at the house. I managed to get a new proxy server built for the Castile Christian Academy. That is going to be useful down there. Everyone has really been looking forward to getting that into place. At lunch today dad actually volunteered to help out teaching computers down at the school.

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