November 30, 2005: Burgundy Wednesday

I can’t believe that it is all ready the end of November. Getting old is way too easy. The older you get the easier it seems to be to get older and older faster and faster. The weather turned cold again today. A little snow even fell but not too much. Just enough to remind us that winter is coming. At least, so far, we are on track for a nice, white Christmas.

Just in case any of you out there is Llamaland thought that SGL was totally devoid of any real content I will kindly direct your attention to Nickerblog because I believe that you will find, after watching his video posting from the other day, that SGL is actually just chock full o’contenty goodness. So stop whining. You are the ones reading this anyway!

I actually remembered to take out the trash today. I am so used to the trash piling up and being everywhere that now that we produce less than a single bag of trash a week I am really not expecting it to be trash day all ready. It makes it hard to remember.

Dad was in the city in the middle of the day so he called to see if I wanted to get some lunch on his way back down to his house. He picked me up around 1:30 and we went to, you guessed it, the Omega Grill. I was just commenting to Eric this morning that I am pretty sure that I have eaten more meals at the Omega since having moved to Geneseo then I have eaten at home during that time. While dad was down I got him the SUSE Linux 10.0 LiveDVD so that he can start playing with it at home. Since he is going to be teaching at the school he is going to need to be familiar with it. He is really excited. Okay, not really. But he is going to suffer through it.

After lunch we swung into Walmart. Dominica had wanted to go last night but I didn’t have the energy to at that point. So I went today to get it out of the way. I had to pick up some additional garland for Min so that she could finish decorating the Christmas tree and I had to get a new toothbrush for me because my old one just wasn’t holding up to the abuse. Sky High is out so I had to pick that up. I love family movies, leave me alone. No seriously, stop picking on me. Dad is addicted to movies as well and, for once, bought more movies than I did getting Mr. and Mrs. Smith and March of the Penguins. It was a big release day for us.

Today is one of those days when I have a really hard time actually sitting down and getting any actual work done. I hate it when I have one of those days. I like the feeling of being productive but some days are just a loss. Best not to try to force myself into ruining the following day by losing today by not doing anything fun because I need to be productive and not feeling happy with that because I don’t actually manage to do anything. Hmmm…

This weekend is the Nicklin Associates Christmas Party in Annapolis. Dominica has to work on Saturday during the party so we are not able to actually make it to that. I think that this is going to be the first one that we have missed in several years. Maybe ever. But we are going to leave Geneseo as soon as Dominica gets home from work on Saturday and drive straight down. We figure that we will get there around 3:00 am which will be just in time to help clean up. We are excited that we are going to get to see the Nicklins’ new house. John and Michelle are just finishing moving into their new 6500 sq. ft. house in the Annapolis area. That is such a huge change from the last house that they owned. That one was smaller than Dominica and my house here in Geneseo. We are going to be staying at the new house and will be in Annapolis until either Monday evening or Tuesday morning. I am letting Dominica decide about that because she has to go to class on Tuesday and it is her next to last class and she really needs to be there and awake for it. But she is able to sleep in the car while I drive pretty easily so it might not be too big of a deal for her.

I spent about an hour on the telephone with Francesca tonight trying to get her computer working. She has a computer that her mom gave to her a year ago and they have never figured out what the administrator password is on it so we are trying to reset the password but since she doesn’t have a working computer anywhere it makes it very difficult. I had sent her a link to a tool that I thought was going to do the trick but I accidentally sent her the wrong one so that didn’t help very much. We are going to have to try again tomorrow. She did get her first taste of a Linux desktop, though, and might consider trying out a Linux LiveCD distribution instead of going back to Windows which has proved to be a pretty big pain for her.

I wasn’t very productive today so I made sure that at the very least I did some cleaning around the house. I got stuff put away, vacuumed the floors and did the dishes. Better than nothing, I guess.

The LCDs arrived today for the school. Hopefully they will have power down there this week so that we can get them installed. I don’t know how much dad wants to store five boxes of LCDs at his house.

Dominica got home and we immediately went down to the theatre and watched Disney’s Sky High which was great. We were both really happy with the movie. I am really glad that we bought it today. There are a lot of really good people in the movie and lots of good new actors as well. The story is good and there is action and emotion and plot twists and everything. Of course, it is still just a silly Disney family movie but it is one of the better ones to have come along in a long time. I actually feel that the movie was far too short and that they could have kept it going well for a little longer even though it ran to 100 minutes as it was which is quite long for this style of movie from Disney. It was just a really well put together film.

I got the podcasts posted tonight and checked before going to bed to get the latest from The Jedi Council Speaks. Bob’s second show was released tonight just after midnight and there is a pretty good chance that I might be the first person other than Bob to have downloaded the show. I did not decide that I wanted to listen to an hour and a half of the show before going to bed so I just made sure that I had it downloaded and left it at that. I will most likely have plenty of time to listen to it tomorrow. Eric is planning on coming down to Geneseo so that he can get some work done since he STILL does not have a computer. Another week without any way for him to do anything. I also have to figure out where to get tires for Min’s car tomorrow. Her current tires are shot and we want to get her good winter tires but I have checked with the online tire dealers and that have just about nothing for her car and I really wanted to get really awesome Nokians like mine. No such luck so far. She has an odd tire size, apparently, and it is really hard to find anything for her car.

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