November 8, 2005

Today I am starting off the daily with the same news story that I started the day off with. Here is a really touching article from the BBC about the family of that twelve year old Palestinian boy who was shot and killed by Israeli forces because they “thought that he was a threat” when he was playing with a toy gun. The parents of the boy have donated his organs to Israel and five Israelis have received them. It is a very touching story.

The SGL Podcast had 99 feed views yesterday. Ninety-nine! Come on people. One more isn’t that difficult. We can do it. We rose to number 49 today on the all time chart. Boy that is cool. We broke the top fifty. Our rise as slowed considerably but we are getting there. Tonight will mark our twentieth episode!

Dominica got home from work this morning at her usual time. I didn’t really get a chance to talk to her but I am sure that she is really feeling realived that she is completely done with the hotel now. She still has a pretty busy day today but it is a lot better knowing that she doesn’t have to go to a second job all week.

I didn’t get back from breakfast with dad until almost 11:00. It is so nice to be back home. Oreo was asleep on our bed when I got back. Now that we are home he doesn’t seem to be worried at all.

Eric found this story on the web today. The thing that makes this interesting is that this girl went to high school with him at Warsaw! Sara Brown is a PA-C and a Panther’s Cheerleader. You never think of someone from Warsaw going anywhere. Eric still does not have a computer at work after more than a month, I believe, with no real way to communicate with anyone. Imagine working a job where your office is so loud that you can’t often use the telephone, the telephone line is owned by a customer and not by the company that you work for, the only fax line is a five minute walk away and not owned by your company either so any documents sent over can be read by just about anyone and you have no computer or other form of communications. They don’t even have a FedEx or UPS drop anywhere on site. What a pain.

Eric came over around 3:00ish and hung out for a while. Without having a computer at work he is awfully isolated. He was here until almost 6:30.

A judge in Wisconsin today calls the man who shot and killed six hunters “anti-social.” Now there is an understatement. And to top it off it wasn’t even a good argument. Just a dispute over a tree stand. Can’t cheese heads at least fight over something interesting like whether or not anyone in Wisconsin will ever be able to make a cheese as good as we make in New York?

Dominica got home from “work” where she was doing her initial hire paperwork. She is able to get benefits from work and, for the most part, they sound pretty decent. We are very much looking forward to having health insurance again. There is a lot of peace of mind that goes along with that. Having been without it for around six months now, since May, is a little stressful. Especially when you wife is as accident prone as mine is.

I have managed to get dad hooked on both Roswell which I had dropped off for him just before we left for vacation and RocketBoom. Roswell is totally not the type of show that dad would watch and I don’t think that he would ever had tried the show out on his own but we loved it so much that we made him test it out. Now he is hooked. He was watching several episodes a night for a few nights there. And those are hour long episodes too.

Dominica went to Wegmans and did some shopping. We didn’t buy groceries two weeks ago because we knew that we were going to be gone so the house is totally depleated of foodstuffs. So Min swung into the vet to get some more medicine for Oreo and then went to Wegmans and did the week’s shopping. It will be nice to have food in the house again.

After grocery shopping Dominica and I settled down in the theatre for a nice relaxing evening hanging out with Oreo and watching some BBC. We watched the last half of the short lived series Are You Being Served? Again which was way too short. The definitely had been thinking that the show would run longer than it did because there was no ending whatsoever. The series ended quite abruptly with a lot of loose storylines and a lot of potentially good shows left to go. I don’t know if they ended because they were cancelled or if it was just too much strain on the aging cast or what. It was a good show. Better than the original, I think. Much more serial and involving. You become much more attached to the characters in this series. You get to know them a lot better. They become much more of real people in this series.

We also watched a little of the eighth season of As Time Goes By which remains my all time favourite show. We just got the eighth and ninth seasons from Amazon and will probably be done with them sometime this week. Neither of us can resist watching that show back to back to back. It is so good. The final DVD comes with the “tenth season” special retrospective episode that they did called “You Must Remember This” where they look back over the nine years of the show and give kind of a wrap up. I haven’t seen it yet but I almost purchased it separately and boy am I glad that I didn’t. It is $15 on its own and included free with these two seasons which are only about $30 all together.

We were in bed by midnight or so. Tomorrow is Dominica’s first day of her new job with Fujifilm eSystems. She is very excited and nervous. It is her first IT job so it is going to be very different from anything that she has ever tried to do before.

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