December 1, 2005

No more silly day colour names. It is very cold again today. The heater is running in ernest for the first time, that I have notice, this season. The thaw of the past few days has made Oreo’s skin get really bad again. We are totally convinced that it is a grass allergy that he has. As long as there was snow on the ground he was fine. He was doing so well and then the snow melted and we were right back to where we were. We are hoping that an entire winter of no grass being exposed might really help his body to repair itself. His skin gets so bad. And we have to have him on this medicine all of the time which makes him drowsy. That is kind of handy for us but it would be nice if he felt at his peak all of the time. He hardly plays anymore because of the medicine. He sleeps all day long. It really took the “puppy” out of him. I can’t believe that we have had him for over half of a year now. He is totally a member of our family.

Eric was supposed to come down today and get some work done in the office here but, once again, he is short people at work and has to fill in. So he is stuck in the city all day.

My quest for the day is to find snow tires for Dominica’s car. We have been trying to get them online and have finally given up on that process. Apparently Dominica has a really unpopular tire size or else there just isn’t a good selection with those online places. But I am kind of relieved that we are not going to get them online because I am so happy with my winter Nokian tires. So I am shopping around today trying to find someplace nearby that can sell us some of those.

I spent a good chunk of the morning today listening to The Jedi Council Speaks which released last night (or actually this morning at midnight but podOmatic is on Pacific time so they list it as last night.) Bob’s latest show is really long so it took me a while to get through it.

I did finally manage to find the tires that we wanted from Brigg’s Tire in Livonia. How handy that I managed to get them so close. We are getting the Nokians that I want and it wasn’t too expensive. We are having them mounted and balanced there on Monday morning. Dominica is really relieved to know that we have the tires and that that has been taken care of. Her current tires are quite scary to drive on when it snows. Now we are planning on driving her car down to Maryland next weekend when we go down there so that we are able to pick up my bicycle which has been rusting down there for several years now. I bought a nice, new bicycle while living in Ithaca and ended up only ever taking it to North Carolina one time and then dropping it off in Maryland it has been just sitting in John’s garage ever since. And now they have moved. Who knows where the bike is now. I am sure that John will be very happy to have the bike out of there.

Nate called to have me get tickets from Geneseo High School for Seussical the Musical that is being put on there this weekend. We are going on Saturday night. It should be fun. Show starts at 7:30. You can reserve tickets online by calling the Geneseo High School Media Center at (585) 243-3450 ext. 3013. Maybe we will see you there. Here is the show link but it probably won’t be a good link for very long.

The SGL Podcast went over its storage limit today on podOmatic so I had to start removing some of the old shows so that we could keep making new ones. That is really sad. I guess that the time has come for me to begin looking for an alternative hosting service to handle the show. Apparently we are a larger show than they were prepared to accommodate.

Here is a cool little secret XML RSS feed link, you can get a direct feed of all music destined to be played on the SGL Podcast. These are the same songs that we are choosing from. The feed is generated by me when I select songs to be put into our future playlist for the podcast. By subscribing to this link you have an opportunity to hear the music first and to be able to automatically download all of the music, even the stuff that never ends up getting played, at a higher quality than we play on the show.

I did some more hunting on the Podsafe Music Network today and found a number of good tunes to play on the show. That is such a great idea. An entire network of artist making their music available for use on podcasts. There is quite a bit of really good music up there.

When Min got home from work we went out to Walmart and did some grocery shopping. I was only planning on getting a few thing but we ended up doing an entire shopping trip and stocking the house with stuff. At least we got a lot out of the trip. While we were there we saw that season four (that is volume three) of The Family Guy was out. We have a love/hate relationship with that show. The first three seasons were awesome and only so inappropriate but the fourth season is far less entertaining and much more inappropriate but we still really enjoy the style of humour. So we are caught between wanting to continue to watch the show that we are all ready attached to and being mortified by the stuff that they do. Definitely not a show to allow children to watch. Ever. But every once in a while they do something that is so hilariously funny. On the way out of Walmart we ran into Mary. We talked for a minute and she and Jocelyn are planning on coming over on Saturday night after Mary’s shift at the hotel to hang out. Saturday is going to be a really busy day. I have a meeting first thing in the morning and then hanging with Andy at noon. Nate and I are going to the show that evening and then Mary and Jocelyn are coming over late.

Wil Wheaton has a new podcast up now. Check it out at Radio Free Burrito. He used to have a really short podcast that he did from his car on his cell phone but he seems to have given that up a long time ago. So I will be interested to see how this new one goes with a long format. Should be good. I hope.

We watched a little television and then it was off to bed. I really wanted to do a podcast tonight but my eyes were killing me and I could barely look at the monitor to wrap up this segment on SGL so I am calling it a night.

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