December 12, 2005

Tonight is Dominica and my big Christmas shopping night. We have a lot that we need to get done and not very much time to do it in so we decided to make tonight a big time shopping night and to just run up to the city and get as much done at once as possible. We left just after 5:30 and ended up shopping until just before 10:00. We were very efficient and even shopping in parrallel at one point so we actually did really well. Dominica made a list and we were able to spend very little time in any individual store. This is how shopping should be. Once big push and then it is all over.

While we were out I made it to Best Buy to pick up some hard drives that I need for the servers that we are building. I managed to pick up seven 160GB drives while I was there for dirt cheap. That worked out really well for me. Dad had told us that Media Play was going out of business and that we should stop by there and see if there was anything good on sale. So we made an effort to get enough done so that we could go there before they closed. Boy are we glad that we did. They had an entire section of British television that was on sale and we made out like bandits. We managed to complete our Red Dwarf collection picking up the third, fifth and sixth seasons! We also got the complete series Chef! which is awesome. And we got the first two seasons of Allo, Allo and got the last half of Keeping Up Appearances. Everything was 20% off and that made it super affordable compared to normal. None of this stuff is anything that we can ever get any kind of discount on at all. So this was really great. And now we have tons of new BBC programming to watch.

We grabbed some McDonald’s while we were out. We almost never eat there anymore since we realized that the Geneseo McDonald’s really does a horrible job with their food quality, they are always having staff issues and the prices are thirty percent higher than any other McDonald’s in the area. And to top it all off, they don’t take credit cards when everyone else does. They are also the only non-twenty four hour McDonald’s in Livingston County! Definitely not earning our businesses. It is actually less expensive for us to eat at the full service Omega and get much healthier and tastier food than it is to eat at the local McDonald’s. Tom Wahl’s isn’t cheap but isn’t any more expensive and their food is tons better. So we have been avoiding it whenever possible and saving our eat at McDonald’s for when we are away from Geneseo and get a better deal.

After shopping we came home and watched most of the first DVD of the second set of Keeping Up Appearances. Most of the episodes in the second half of the series are new to me which is awesome. The downside is that the show got seriously stale and every single character is just saying the same old lines over and over again. They actually get so bad that they repeat the same scenes over and over again. The show is good but it is definitely not meant to be watched very much at a time. It really shows how little creativity existing in the writing staff. It is really too bad because the characters were really original but they stopped doing any character development after the first or second season and it really shows.

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