December 15, 2005

Two months from today Phil and Kate will be moving into their new house in Rochester!

Oreo was in a real “needs his daddy” mood today. He slept all night with his head on my hand and snuggled up with me. He is very sweet. He spent the morning following me around the house. He really wants to be with me today.

Dominica’s car is scheduled for maintenance tomorrow so that it is safe for us to take when we drive down to Maryland on Saturday. It is going to be a really busy weekend. Min is working Friday and Saturday as usual. Saturday during the day I am going to Josh’s house for their Christmas party. Then I am leaving there to get back down to the house to meet Dominica as she gets out of work so that we can hit the road to drive to Maryland. I am going to be really exhausted by the time that we are arriving down there. Min’s car needs an alignment after we just put new tires on there. It would be awfully crappy if we ruined brand new tires because we didn’t bother with getting an alignment right away. She has a front wheel bearing that is about to fall out, supposedly, and that is going to get fixed. And I am pretty sure that she has a sticky brake so they are going to look at that as well. It is quite a bit of work. If we are really lucky they might have a chance to work on her rear windshield wiper that is broken but I think that that might be asking too much. We are very fortunate that they are able to squeeze her car in as it is.

In the process of moving the site over to WordPress one day at a time I have started to do some of that much needed editing that Dominica likes to remind me about. I rarely if ever have gone back and read much of the site so there is a ton of typos and weird sentances that don’t mean anything. I am trying to fix that where possible. The site is so huge that it will take a really long time to work my way through all of it. I am almost done with 2001 but that was a super light year. From 2002 until 2005 will be a completely different animal. It is really neat going through some of the older material. It has been long enough that I don’t realize all of the things that were happening when the site was just getting started. It really does make me sad that I didn’t start working on the site until so late. As I read the earliest saved entries I realize that I really wish that I could read even further back. But that will never be possible. Those days are gone forever. It sure helps my resolve to keep up with events as they happen now. I can see how much enjoyment I get out of even bad early posts. In twenty years this site is really going to be special to me. Soon I hope to begin making new “looking back” posts that are modern “dailies” that I make for important events that I remember from before the site began. Luckily my dad was really diligent about keeping a log of dates of special events in our lives so he has a ton of information for me to build off of. I think that that will be a really neat addition to the site.

I got all of the archives from 2001 moved over by late this afternoon. There were about seventy five entries or so from that first year. Once I had that much of the archives moved over I decided that it was time to begin the process of switching over to the new site for real. So far I have been the only person using it and that isn’t much fun. I am anxious to start getting feedback and to get other people excited about the new site. I did some research in the WordPress Codex tonight and discovered that they have a really great system for supporting Podcasting so I am going to begin the process of moving the SGL Podcast over to there as well. That will be awesome to not have to support two separate systems and get all of the flexibility of running the entire system ourselves. Can you tell that I am excited?

The weather is nasty today. It is a little warmer out than it has been recently and it started to rain. Then the temperature dropped so the roads are just sheets of ice. Dominica has to drive home tonight (read: I can’t go pick her up from work) because her car is supposed to be in the shop tonight and we can’t leave my car at her work or we will be in really rough shape.

At 5:40 this evening I switched us over to running on WordPress. For the time being you can check out the old site by going to I will keep that up and running until everything is transfered over and we have had time to determine that the new site is actually working and is backed up successfully. That is a big step right there.

Dominica is going nuts at work tonight because she discovered Green Mountain brand Blueberry flavoured coffee and she has determined that it is her all time favourite flavoured coffee. She has been going on and on about it for an hour.

I spent most of the evening simultaneously talking to Mary on the telephone and working on moving the old SGL site over to this new one. I put in many hours of it and managed to move all of 2001 and half of 2002 before I had to leave to meet Dominica at the shop. The weather outside is frightful. Seriously frightful. It has been freezing rain all afternoon and evening. The roads are dreadful. If Min’s car wasn’t going into the shop in the morning I would have driven up to the city to get her but since her car had to go into the shop there really wasn’t any way for us to do that. But she made it home just fine. I drove out to meet her and decided that the roads were so bad that I took a quick swing over to the Quality Inn to tell Mary not to drive down to Silver Springs but she had all ready left by the time that I got there. Hopefully she will be able to make it home okay. It is supposed to be getting worse all night and not tapering off until morning.

We dropped off Min’s car at the shop down the road and stopped in at Walmart on the way home to pick up some pizza for dinner. We love their fresh prepared pizza. You just pop it in the oven and fifteen minutes later you have a fresh, delicious pizza for only $6. That is cheaper than getting a nice frozen pizza and it is a lot tastier.

Dominica wanted to watch a movie tonight. We popped in the pizza and we went down to the theatre to watch The Fantastic Four which Dominica has been wanting to see for a while. My take on The Fantastic Four? It is awful. Pathetic. I can’t believe that if the original comic was anything like this that people would read it. This was a truly pathetic movie. They didn’t even bother trying to make it good or even make sense. Apparently if you don’t know all of the dumb things that they did in the comic book they just leave you out in the cold to their weird inside jokes. I never even heard of this comic book so it leaves me thinking that it can only have so big of a following. Not big enough to justify making a horrible movie just to satisfy without even considering making it appealing to people who haven’t read the comic. Unlike movies like Batman Begins or Spiderman which at least stand on their own and have their own inherent entertainment value, The Fantastic Four leaves you wondering why they bothered.

I recorded Episode 35 of the podcast tonight. I am really excited to be able to start moving that over to this site now. No more double hosting one part on SGL and one part on podOmatic. The idea was that the two parts went together so finally we are putting them all together. Now people looking for one of the other will find both and be able to pick and choose from the media types that they want to use.

So as we were going to bed tonight Dominica let Oreo out the front door and there was a cat right there. So, of course, Oreo takes off like a shot and is gone in no time. Good thing the snow was coming down and the ground was covered in ice. He wasn’t able to make it any distance before he was in real pain and scared from the cold. Dominica took off after him wearing her snuggle sack. Good thing she had that on so that she was able to run straight out the front door. I threw on my dress shoes that we handy and went out right after her since I had heard her screaming at the dog as he took off. It only took a minute to get him back. He made it around the neighbour’s house and into the wooded area behind the house but didn’t go far. Dominica ended up carrying him back to the house he was so cold. He gets cold really quickly. I can’t believe that he would even consider chasing an animal out there considering how quickly he starts to limp from the cold.

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