December 20, 2005: Sleep, Sleep and more Sleep

Today consisted of a whole bunch of sleep. We didn’t get out of bed until 2:00 in the afternoon. Oreo loved all of the snuggling. The phone kept ringing with a bunch of people calling all at once so we decided that it was finally time to get out of bed.

We did a little work around the house during the little afternoon that we had but got little done. Then dad came over at 4:30 and the three of us went over to the Omega Grill for some dinner. Min and I were starving not having eaten anything all day. On the way back from dinner we went to Walmart and did some quick shopping. It is new movie release Tuesday and we picked up Serenity which is the movie based on the television show Firefly as well as Must Love Dogs which we have both been wanting to see.

After dinner we had to run up to Henrietta to take care of the last bits of our Christmas shopping. We put off the last few items for about as long as we could without it becoming a problem. Actually doing the shopping tonight was great because there was almost no one out shopping at all. We hit a couple of stores like Best Buy (why do we do so much shopping there when we dislike the store so much?), Linens and Things and Old Navy. The Linens and Things was for us. After staying in Arnold, Maryland at John and Michelle’s where we were introduced to flannel sheets Dominica decided that we just had to have some so she picked some up. I spent most of the trip sitting in the car listening to the events of “S is for Silence” unravel. Once I start a murder mystery I really need to hear the end of it as quickly as possible.

We got back from Rochester and watched the remaining portion of the second season of Chef. We were both pretty tired today and just wanted to relax in the living room. We didn’t bother to go to bed until after 1:00 in the morning and still our day was under twelve hours long! Back to the grind tomorrow and we need to be ready.

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