December 22, 2005

Everyone needs to jam along with Captain Jean-Luc Picard. See if you can spot Wil Wheaton in the video. Actually, he is kind of obvious.

Lots to do today on the final day of me being around before the actual holiday. I called dad this morning and we decided to do The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe early so that our afternoons would be free. The digital theatre at Tinseltown in Gates has an early show at noon so we decided to shoot for that. Dad hasn’t seen the movie yet nor has he been to the digital theatre to see how amazing it is.

Well, dad was pretty impressed with Disney’s new Chronicles of Narnia. He decided that the movie is in his top three movies of all time if not number one. I think that I will concur. I might even have to allow TLTW&TW to displace the original Star Wars but I will have to see it a few more times and consider that one carefully. Upon seeing it a second time I have decided that it is better than I had remembered and is totally amazing. I caught more the second time through not being nearly as caught up in being awed by the film itself. The most disappointing thing is that it was filmed with film and not digitally because it shows even though the film quality is excellent.

After the movie we went over to the Omega Grill and got some dinner. Or for me, breakfast. It seems that quite often I don’t manage to eat anything until dinner time. Vicky, who owns the grill, baked Greek Christmas cookies for the regulars and dad and I each got a plate of them. How cool is that? It really pays to be a regular, I guess. The cookies ended up being the best cookies that I have ever tasted! Wow are they good.

I did a bit of work around the house in the evening, including the dishes, before driving over to Dan and Amy Mayne’s house to drop off a package from dad that he was going to ship over to them. I hung out there for about an hour or so and got a tour of their new house. They are now living pretty near to us and are only about eight minutes or less away towards Lakeville.

I came back home and got back to work which is really hard to do because so many people try to talk to me when I am at my desk. I did as much as I could and then joined Dominica in the living room to watch a little Chef! before heading off to bed. We have a lot to do tomorrow so we both need to get some sleep.

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