December 5, 2005

I had to get up this morning to meet dad at 8:45 so that we could take Dominica’s car over to Livonia to get her new snow tires put on. Dominica was going to go with us but she barely slept at all last night. She didn’t even try coming to bed until after three in the morning. She is taking Mr. Humphries’ passing quite hard. I took it hard but I have lost a lot of pets over the years. This is the first loss of a pet for her where the pet actually knew her (as opposed to say, fish, which only know that food falls from the sky.) So she and Oreo stayed in bed for a long time today. Dad and I went to the Omega and got breakfast. I am doing a lot better today. I am still very sad that my little friend is gone. The house seems a lot more empty now. There is no one waiting on my desk to say good morning to me. No one to check on at night when we turn in. Mr. Humphries was my pet when my mom died. He and I spent long hours sitting together in the dining room just being sad together. The Lord provided him to me when I really needed a little a pet to comfort me.

Eric finally got a laptop today. But it is totally useless. They got him a really overpriced laptop and took all of the features off of it. He isn’t allowed to use the Internet. They only allow him to use dial-up. He is not allowed to install a printer. He is not even allowed to have a current and supported Microsoft operating system. They took the Windows XP that came on his laptop off and installed old, outdated Windows 2000 instead. He only has Office 2000. Two versions old and just about to be another. They claim that they lock him out of the machine for his own protection. But they don’t allow him to patch his machines, to have a client side firewall or to run anything current and safe. The machine is both useless and dangerous. He doesn’t even have a way to backup his machine.

I almost forgot to renew my car insurance. What a week this has been. That would have been really bad. I am switching from Progressive to Traveller’s. I was really happy with the service from Progressive but Traveller’s is lowering my insurance by over $1,200 a year and that is just too much to pass up.

Min’s car was ready around 1:00 and she was up and out of the shower by 2:00. So I called dad and he came right over so that we could take care of all of the things that needed to be taken care of today. Today is a miscellaneous stuff kind of day.

We got the car and had lunch/dinner at the Omega Grill, as always. We didn’t end up taking the Christmas picture that dad had come over to take because Dominica was still so upset from losing Mr. Humphries that she didn’t feel that she would be able to smile for the picture. So we made it an early evening.

Dominica knit and I worked on the computer for a little while before we decided to move into the living room and watch Keeping Up Appearances which is light and funny and helped to take our minds off of things.

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