December 7, 2005

I got up just as Dominica was leaving for work. It is tough to pull yourself out of bed when the puppy is being really snuggly and he does that a lot. Today he decided to take over Dominica’s portion of the bed and was sleeping right in the spot that was still warm from her sleeping there and he even put his head on her pillow. It was really adorable.

It was a very uneventful day. I worked from home all day long. John Nicklin flew into town today but he is busy all day so I won’t get a chance to talk to him until tomorrow.

I called dad this afternoon and we decided to get some dinner together. It wasn’t until minutes before he was supposed to be arriving here that he realized that his car was in the shop. So I drove over there and picked him up for a change. The weather turned really bad on the way over and we decided just to drive down to Cooks down the hill and get subs down there. Oreo rode along and slept in the car while we were there. The roads were pretty bad so we decided not to drive anywhere extra.

Dominica came home and we just watched some Keeping Up Appearances before going to bed.

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