January 1, 2006: A New Year Has Begun

As we say year after year: I can’t believe it is 2006 all ready! How time flies.

Okay, that is out of the way. Dominica was totally exhausted from her long day yesterday and slept in until early this afternoon. She had to get up to get to work at 6:00 am yesterday and then came home to work on getting ready for the party for the rest of the day and then cleaned when the party was over so she was totally beat.

We spent most of the day relaxing at home. We didn’t get out of bed until early afternoon so the day wasn’t all that long to begin with. Dominica had some work left to do on Francesca’s “new” computer that she hadn’t gotten around to taking care of yet so we set that up in the living room and she started to work on that. Of course, being cursed as we are, as soon as she plugged the computer in the power supply failed to start up and we were left with a hunk of scrap metal. I dug around in the basement and fortunately was able to come up with a new power supply that was down there still in the box. Dominica replaced that and the machine power right on. That took up most of the time that she had allotted to herself to have been working on that machine.

Bennie and Francesca stayed up really late last night and didn’t manage to get moving until this afternoon. They had originally intended to have left early this morning so that they could be back to Houston in time to make it to work tomorrow but they have no way of making it that early now. Dominica talked to Francesca and they decided to stop here and get some sleep instead of driving straight through. We are almost three hours closer to Houston than their parents’ house is in Frankfort. Our house lies almost perfectly along one of the routes that they would take. They were really exhausted and the drive was going to be really tough.

The Grices arrived at our place around 4:30, I think. Two adults, two kids and two dogs. It is a lot of people for a very small house. We all went to dinner over at the Omega Grill with dad who came over to visit with everyone. He is feeling a little better today. At least he is able to drive.

After dinner we returned to the house and we all went down to the theatre to watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith which was a very weak attempt at an action movie. The plot was just downright absurd but given that plots normally are lets look at the characters in the film. Oh yeah, they were terribly absurd as well. In fact the movie just didn’t make sense in general. And, come to think of it, nothing really happened in the movie either. There was a lot of action but nothing really happened. I am not saying that it was a really bad movie. If you are watching it on television or it is laying around and you have nothing else to pop in to the DVD player you will probably not be too disappointed but if you are looking for some quality entertainment and a night a fine cinema then you had better look elsewhere.

Everyone was really exhausted and we all went to bed by 10:00. I can’t remember the last time that I went to bed that early. But I was really tired so it worked out pretty well. Madeline and Emily decided to sleep with Dominica, Oreo and I. That didn’t last too long. Madeline was squashed and decided to go out and sleep on the couch in the living room. That gave us a tiny bit more room. Oreo is quite the bed hog and makes it really difficult to fit into even a king bed. Emily is even worse. She turned sideways and kept pushing on me with her feet really hard. I was squashed between her and Oreo. I was curled up into a ball because there was no space for my feet because Dominica had run out of room and was sleeping diagonally and Oreo was in my stomach and Emily was pushing on my back. I was making due until Emily decided to put her feet on my head. I realized that there was going to be no sleep for me at all so I moved onto the floor between the bed and the closets. It wasn’t long before Emily pushed Oreo out of bed as well and he had to beg Dominica to give him some place to sleep.

I checked and at the end of 2005 SGL’s Dailies have topped 653,000 words. If I manage to keep writing at approximately the same rate it will take an estimated four to six months before we top the length of the King James Bible including both Old and New Testaments. 🙂

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