January 25, 2006: Happy 30th Birthday to David Arman

Yup, David Arman turns 30 today. Who is David Arman do you ask? David was in elementary school with me from kindergarten up until fourth grade, I think. Eric doesn’t remember him and Eric came to my school in fifth grade so that seems to pinpoint when he left (in a class that never topped eighteen people you don’t forget anyone that you went to school with.) Anyway, I always remember his birthday because it was exactly a month before mine. So, for what little it is worth, happy birthday David.

For a change there is snow on the ground this morning, but it seems to be disappearing quite quickly. The house held itself at 61F all night so it isn’t very likely that it could be all that cold outside.

Dominica wore her hair down to work today for the first time since she has been at her new job which has been several months. A lot of people commented about it. She thinks that some people almost didn’t recognize her.

I put in a bit of work today on my paperwork for SUNY Empire. Only two last papers to submit and one of those is almost complete. It will feel really good to finally have this out of the way and no longer hanging over my head.

Dad came over at 6:00 and we went over to the Omega for some dinner. Over the past two days I have been putting weight back on even though I have been eating very little and pretty healthily. I guess that my body has decided that it is starving and is trying to conserve food. So I have to up my caloric intake to be able to keep losing weight, I guess. It is so frustrating that it is so hard to figure out what you body is doing and why.

My cell phone was dead this afternoon when I went to use it. Only 28 hours after I took it off of the charger, again. This is the second cell phone that I have had in the past two weeks because of the same issue. I called Verizon and they want me to take the phone into the store that they have on Jefferson Road in Henrietta because there is a technician there that can look at the phone to see what is going on. So I am planning on taking care of that tomorrow, if possible. Not having a working cell phone is a scary thing these days. I really need that cell phone to be working all of the time.

I kept pushing ahead with scanning slides into the computer. Boy there are a lot of these slides. It is going to take weeks to get everything scanned in to the computer. I am doing a lot of stuff from 1994 which is really weird because I haven’t really seen a lot of these pictures since then and boy does it take me back. I can’t believe that I graduated from high school a dozen years ago.

Dominica had a really nasty drive home tonight. The snow is apparently coming down in Rochester far worse than it is here. It took her close to an hour to finally get home. When she got in she made herself some food and looked over the paperwork that I had completed for my Empire graduation, made some corrections and settled down to watch some TNG. I decided that I was on a role and finally getting some real work done so I stayed in the office working.

By 2:00 am I finally managed to submit all of the pending paperwork needed for my graduation. Yes, you heard that correctly. I have submitted all of the paperwork necessary to graduate from college. That is my four year degree that I am talking about. Now, hopefully I will get some feedback by the end of the week. I am undoubtably going to have to make some minor changes to the two papers that I turned in today but it should be really minor and will only take me an hour or less, I would guess.

So, everyone can get off of my case now about college. I am not longer the obstacle. Now we are just waiting on the college for the next steps. I have to get approval for my paperwork from the local “council” now. I don’t know how quickly that will go. Once it is past there, if there are no changes that need to be made, then it will pass on to the state level for the university in Saratoga to approve my degree. I think that I have to go through four indepent reviews before then but I am not really sure about that. We will just have to wait and see. I got the impression that the process tends to move pretty quickly once all of the paperwork is in. Of course, nothing else at Empire has moved quickly. I am still waiting for the grades from two classes that I completed more than a year ago.

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