January 3, 2006

Today is model railroading day. We did our planning yesterday and we know what we want to do next.

Dad came over to Geneseo and we did a late breakfast/early lunch at the Omega. Then the three of us went over to Walmart and did some quick shopping. Dominica and I managed to find some simple modeling supplies and got a widescreen copy of Hudson Hawk from the bargain bin. Eric will be jealous. Min also got a new pink fleece and I got a new red sweatshirt. My grey one is in rough shape.

We went home and spent some time with Oreo and pretty much just relaxed for a few hours in the living room. We are meeting Andy and Miranda for dinner tonight up at Aja Noodle in Brighton so we are timing our day around that. While we were relaxing Dominica made a detailed list of the supplies that we were going to need to be able to move forward on the next stage of our model train layout. The list is quite extensive. It is amazing just how much it takes to do train modeling. And we still aren’t doing anything with the actual trains. Just the landscaping.

We left home with Oreo around 3:30 and drove up to East Rochester and checked out the other Despatch Junction. This one had a lot more modeling stuff than the one on Lyle did. We spent more than an hour in the store and Dominica managed to find almost everything that we needed so that we could get right to work on the new model. We got a ton of supplies and then it was time to rush over to Aja Noodle to meet Andy and Miranda.

We had dinner at 6:00. We had a good time. The food always rocks at Aja. Craig introduced Eric and I to the place several months ago and we have all been going there quite a bit ever since then. After dinner we went over to Andy’s apartment to see the place. Niether of us has been there since he moved in in September! I haven’t even seen his new InFocus projector yet. We only stayed for fifteen minutes or so. Oreo has been in the car all day and needs to get home. He gets upset when we are away all of the time. He needs somewhat of a regular routine to keep him happy. Before we left we borrowed Andy’s first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation which I have really been looking forward to watching. Andy has the entire series. There are quite a few episodes that I have never seen and many that I have not seen in forever. Maybe not since the late 1980’s!

On the way home we stopped at Michael’s in Henrietta to get a last few supplies for our model railroad. We were only supposed to be there for a minute but somehow, one way or another, it always takes at least an hour to get in and out of that place.

We got home and popped in TNG and started watching that. We made it through the first four episodes, the first DVD, before heading off to bed. Dominica has never seen a lot of the first season so this stuff was new to her. Boy was it bad. The early seasons of TNG were really weak. It took them a while before they figured out who they were supposed to be. We did some foamcore construction to get the model platform ready. Dominica did a bunch of work painting miniature buildings to get them ready for the layout. We are trying to do a really serious layout so it takes a lot of prep work and a lot of detail work.

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