January 31, 2006

Up early this morning. I kind of like getting up a little on the early side. Mornings always feel better when you have been awake to enjoy them although it is hard to pass up snuggly puppy in the bed. Dominica had to be up even before me this morning so that she could get down to Castile. She is teaching on her own today. I wanted to be able to go down with her but I am working in Buffalo today wrapping up the project that I have been working on. Today is the last day of the month and everyone wants to get billing items taken care of without letting things roll over into February.

Tim Wood picked me up this morning at 8:45 and we drove out to Buffalo together. We got out to the store just after 10:00 which is right when we had wanted to have arrived and we did a quick scoping out of the project, made a list of the supplies that we were going to need and then walked acrossed Union Avenue and grabbed some breakfast at a nice family restaurant that was very close by. I was bad on my diet today and had French toast for breakfast. But only so bad I guess. At least I am on my feet all day doing something somewhat physical and hey, we did WALK to breakfast.

The project today went really smoothly. After the last site from two weeks ago we were expecting the worst today but in actuality everything went just about as well as one could have hoped for. It definitely was not perfect but it wasn’t bad at all. The Lord definitely was watching over us because these things never go well.

Dominica decided to leave school early because Oreo was sick (he went to school with her and was staying in the car.) He had gotten sick yesterday and really hadn’t eaten all day and then got really cold today and was definitely not feeling well. His tummy kept making lots of noises too. And I mean really loud noises. So Min took him home and took care of him. He still didn’t eat anything for a long time.

Tim and I grabbed McD’s on the way out of Buffalo and ate our late lunch in the car. It was probably around 6:00 when Tim dropped me off at the house. We ended up talking in his truck for maybe half an hour before I went into the house. Dominica was watching Red Dwarf when I got in and Oreo was really sleepy. I had some work to get done so I fired up the computer and got to work.

I knocked off work around 8:00 and we watched a little Star Trek. After about an hour Oreo wanted to go out so I took him for a walk down Lima Road. He just loves going for walks and it really seemed to do him good. We came back and he actually did some eating for the first time really in two days and after not too long he was asking me to play fetch with him. It seems that he has come out of his “illness” and is feeling okay now. At least we hope that he is. So far the “having to keep him on a leash thing” has caused me to do a bit more walking than I had been doing so I guess that this is going to be good for my diet/excercise thing even though it is a major inconvenience to have to put him on a leash and get all dressed up to be able to go out every time that he needs to pee. It is tough because he often needs to go out every fifteen minutes or so during the evenings. That is a lot when you have to put on shoes, a jacket, his leash and walk around with him outside.

Dominica was really exhausted this evening and went to bed before 11:00. I wanted to get the updates posted to SGL so I stayed up for a while and Oreo came into the office to stay with me. Originally dad and I were going to do breakfast tomorrow but I have two packages expected to arrive tomorrow and UPS often comes in the morning so he is going to wait until they come with my new Nikon D50 SLR so that he can bring that over and we will do lunch instead of breakfast. I am really excited to be getting my new camera tomorrow. I can’t wait to play with it. I love getting new toys. Both Dominica and I are expecting out MiniSD storage cards to be arriving tomorrow evening as well but that isn’t so exciting. Those are the cards that we ordered to allow us to be able to store a lot of pictures on our cell phones. It is a camera world now, isn’t it. I will now have three digital cameras that I use all of the time. A 1.3 megapixel cell phone, the 5 megapixel Kodak point and shoot camera for casual photos and the new 6.1 megapixel Nikon SLR for serious stuff.

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