February 15, 2006

Dominica discovered this bizarre video game today. I can’t even begin to describe the weirdness.

Our trash pick up route was changed today. They called yesterday and said that we were going to be having our route reversed and that our trash would probably be picked up around 6:30 in the morning. So we should put it out the night before. So I did. Late last night I put the trash out. I went out this morning and I was the only person on the entire street to have bothered to have put my trash out at all. And they didn’t come early to get it either. I thought that the route had been cancelled or something. They picked it up around 9:00 or so. Only about an hour before last week’s pick up. I am very confused. I have no idea what is going on. Why didn’t any of my anal neighbours put out their trash this week? I have never seen them miss trash day before.

Dominica went into work early today just to find out as soon as she arrived that they had decided to cancel her early training on Monday but since she works Wednesday to Saturday, she didn’t get the email until she arrived today. So they had to reschedule her for next week. Early hours on Wednesday work out pretty nicely for her, though. It gives her an extra hour to rest before her next shift and on these long days that can be very beneficial.

Dad came over to Geneseo and we got lunch at the Omega. It is a bright and shining day today. Oreo was having a great time moving around so that he could lie in the sunlight wherever it was. He was acting pretty healthy this morning.

I spent most of the day just working at home. Just the usual. Oreo was doing pretty well this morning but by this afternoon he was having his problems again. The issues are so weird that we can’t even explain them. Mostly it is his behaviour that is tipping us off to there being a problem. He is walking around the house like he is trying to find something or go somewhere but ends up just going in large circles. He whines and whimpers a lot. He spends a lot of time looking at the outside walls as if something is there. He is really starting to scare us. The doctor has no idea what is wrong with him and him symptoms come and go so it is not something that we can show to anyone reliably. He is very cold. He both feels cold and he is shivering almost all of the time. I have started keeping his coat on him all of the time to help him stay warm since he will never lie down once evening comes.

I had an order of books arrive today from Amazon. I had them sent to dad’s house because they were not supposed to have arrived this early and we thought that we were going to be out of town when they came. So he and I did dinner over at Cook’s in Greggsville and I picked up the books and dropped off some stuff for him. I got “Behind Closed Doors: Secrets of Great Management”, “Programming with Ruby” aka The Pickaxe Book and “Build a Website Now” MSPress’ new ASP.NET programming beginner’s book. We got delicious subs at Cooks – I am pretty sure that they make the best subs around. I consistently am happier with their subs than I am with the ones from Aunt Cookies. And I am pretty sure that it is cheaper too. Although the drive is quite a bit farther. I can walk to Aunt Cookies if the need arises.

On her way home from work Dominica went to Walmart and picked up food for the dog. We are switching him to wet dog food instead of dry because it has enough moisture in it to maybe make a little difference. If he isn’t going to drink his water then we have to do something to get him rehydrated. He was very excited when Dominica made him dinner and he didn’t have to have dry food.

We are hoping that the whole thing is being caused by him switching to a new bag of dog food that may have had a different formulation than his old bag (the vet says that that can happen sometimes.) It is very possible, especially considering his other allergies, that he could have an allergic reaction to some protein source in the food and he might be find if we just keep him away from it.

As Min was coming home Oreo started getting a lot worse than he had been. He is regularly doing well in the mornings and not very well in the evenings. Today was really extreme with him being generally good all day and then really deteriorating tonight. He is very clearly in a lot of pain but we are totally at a loss as to what to do about it. He has these “fits” where he staggers around and he spends a lot of time acting like there is someone standing in the corner and he is watching him intently. At points he can barely stand up and when it gets really bad he spins around in circles and runs to me for protection but when I go to comfort him he runs away like it is me that he is afraid of 🙁 We have no idea what could be wrong. To make matters worse he has stopped eating and drinking. I am not sure if he has had any water in the past few days other than what is in his food. He has eaten some but very little and nothing at all today.

He ate ravenously when Dominica fed him the new wet food. She mixed in extra water as well to make sure that he was not getting overly dehydrated. At least he is getting some water. I took him out for a walk and he had a terrible fit as we went out the front door but he eventually recovered, threw up and then led me on a very long walk. We walk all of the way to the intersection of Highland and Center Street which has to be well over a mile away. He did great the entire way there. Not a single problem once we were away from the house. He was so excited to be walking. He was pulling me constantly. He had a great time.

Then we got to Center Street and I decided that we needed to turn back. I didn’t want to stop walking with him because it was the only time that he was feeling okay. When I made him turn around suddenly he had a really bad fit and starting vomiting a lot. He really scared me. After a few minutes he was able to walk again and we started making our way back to the house. On the way back he had three or four fits and threw up seven times! He was really scaring me. Around the time when we got to Woodbine Dominica drove by and picked us up. She was really scared that we had been gone so long and had been driving around looking for us for a while. She was really upset and thought that he must have gotten so sick that I had to get help and had taken him somewhere. He was happy to see her and hopped right into the car.

Unfortunately the walk didn’t really do him all that much good and he was still pretty sick the rest of the night. We pretty much went straight to bed but he was in terrible shape and very restless and didn’t manage to lay down to actually attempt to sleep until after 1:00. I stayed awake making sure that he was okay. I read some and then when he was restless I ran and got a bowl of milk to see if we could get some fluids into him. He wasn’t willing to drink any water at all but he seemed pretty happy with the milk. Whatever works, I guess.

After getting the milk he eventually settled down enough to sleep in short bursts. I was up every hour or so all night checking on him and making sure that he was doing okay. We will be calling the vet back first thing in the morning. There is a different doctor in this week because Oreo’s regular doctor is on vacation or something. So it will be good that at least a second brain will be working on his problem. Maybe the other doctor will have some insight.

I am supposed to be working over at Union Presbyterian in Leicester at 11:00 tomorrow morning but we will see how the dog is doing. Who knows whether or not I will be able to do anything.

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