February 23, 2006

I am finally caught back up on the dailies. Having my desktop down for two days really messes me up. Especially when I was a day behind going into not having the desktop for two days. So the last few days have had pretty short updates. But I am back to my normal routine now. We should be good to go.

The Hanging Stranger this morning had a post about a Rochester high school senior who never got to play a varsity basketball game ever but was allowed to in for the final five minutes of the final game of the year – and scored twenty points!

Dominica and Amanda went over to the Omega to get breakfast this morning and I stayed home with Oreo. They ended up running into dad and my aunt Sharon while they were over there.

Dominica had me order my birthday present today (it is way too much work to have her order it and since I know what it is going to be this was just a lot better all around.) I am getting a Nikon 55-200mm lens for my new D50 digital SLR camera. Since switching to the digital unit I have been without my full range of lenses so I need something to cover the telephoto range.

Dad met with the company’s accountants this morning and then we did lunch over at the Omega. He delivered the new IP phones so that I could play with them this evening. We got three Grandstream phones that come highly recommended from a number of sources that I have used for research. They are very affordable for our testing purposes. I am excited to get a chance to play with them. We also got a Sipura 3000 adapter which I am going to use to attempt to get us online through the Vonage account. That isn’t a long term solution but I wanted to be able to make actual phone calls and it is the only way without getting an account from someone else and I didn’t want to commit to anything if we didn’t know that things were working.

I actually had a decently busy afternoon. There was plenty to do to keep me going. Oreo was really enjoying the sunlight and spent most of the day directly behind my chair napping and occassionally snoring. He must be really exhausted to be sleeping so much.

It has been so nice and warm these last two days. Both days have been so warm that I haven’t even needed to have a jacket. IT has been great. Who would guess that this is the last week of February?

Oreo and I went for a walk this evening. But, of course, by the time that we ventured out (read: the work day was over and the dog finally got out of bed) the wind picked up something fierce and it was a lot chillier than it had been during the day. Strangely enough it was snowing this morning and we had white ground. So our walk was not nearly as long as we would have liked but at least we managed to walk down to Woodbine. Ten or fifteen minutes after the wind got really bad and we were very glad to be snug in the office. Oreo just stood for a while in the dining room looking around listening to the wind creaking the house. I checked with NOAA and they only had us listed as getting gusts to 34mph but I am pretty sure that we are way over that.

I spent the evening working on getting our new IP phones working. It is much easier said than done. It took me hours before I managed to just get one of the new IP phones to be able to connect to the phone system and play the system message. Of course I had plenty of samples from books and web sites but, of course, there were errors and it took all kinds of research to figure out what was wrong so that it would actually work.

On her way home from work Dominica stopped by Walmart and did some grocery shopping. She brought home a pizza to bake. Yum. We watched an episode of Growing Pains and then headed to bed. We both have to be up early tomorrow.

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