February 7, 2006

Today is the day that the SGL Dailies top 700,000 words! Wow is that a lot. I can’t believe how many of you have read all of it too. Now that is some serious dedication.

Okay, so it ended up being quite a bit after five in the morning before I went to bed. Dominica was still up studying and watching Buffy on her laptop and not even tired. Her scheduled is all thrown off now because she had tried to shift her sleep schedule so that she would be able to work last night. That is going to cause her problems all week long.

Somedays there are good stories. Some days their are great stories. And some days you get to tell people about the couple that managed to blow up their own car using a balloon while on their way to the Super Bowl. [Balloon: $.25, Acetylene $100, Making the Top Story on CNN When Your Car Explodes: Priceless]

I had to get up this morning at 9:00 when the phone started ringing. For those who read yesterday’s really, really long post you will notice that that means that I only got three and a half hours of sleep. Yup, that is correct. I went back to bed after the first phone call only to get another about ten minutes later. I went back to bed after that one and, yup, another one came about ten minutes after that. At that point I gave up and just got up.

Everyone knows that I love Internet videos. CNN had some news today that linked to some good spoofs on the recent Ang Lee film, Brokeback Mountain which I have not yet seen but is by an incredible director and has Jake Gyllenthal and Heath Ledger, both of whom are excellent actors. But, serious movie or not, the spoofs are pretty funny. Brokeback to the FutureTop Gun 2: Brokeback SquadronBroke Mac Mountain (link from Rocketboom not CNN.) And, this one I found all by myself, you should check out the scene’s from Anita Rowland’s Brokerat Mountain.

Dad and I went to lunch at 12:30 over at the Omega. The weather isn’t nearly as bad today as it was yesterday and dad was able to get his driveway plowed. It is days like today that make me so happy that I live in a townhome so that I have no snow worries at all.

Dominica still awake when I got up this morning and didn’t end up going to bed until around noon! And then she got up again around 3:45 in the afternoon. Her body’s schedule is all messed up now.

Before going to bed last night I managed to finally get caught up with all of the IT Conversations Podcasts that were backlogged on my desktop. There are nine or ten left on my MP3 player that I need to get through before I am truly caught up but I am very, very close.

Well, they took an extra day but Verizon actually got back to me and appears to be making a serious effort to get my cell phone fixed. I am impressed. I thought that they would just drop it and say that they couldn’t do anything. Now, nothing is fixed yet, but we have a plan of attack. Tomorrow, if possible, I have to call a bunch of Verizon stores to see which ones still have copies of the old cell phone software. If any of them do then we are going to attempt to flash to the phone back to its previous version. Verizon has committed to replacing the phone if it does any damage. So we will see what happens tomorrow.

My meeting in Pittsburgh is on hold until after a phone conference tomorrow morning, first thing. The idea of that phone conference is to determine who needs to go down to Pittsburgh next week. We are very hopeful that the fact that there is a conference call is a good sign that they have something positive that they want to discuss and not something bad. Only fourteen hours to go. Hopefully my ulcer will hold off for that long.

For dinner Dominica and I ran over to Wegmans and just got some ready to eat pizza. Then we did a little light grocery shopping before coming back home.

I had plenty of work to do in the office and Dominica only had one episode left of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Four so she watched that and studied for her CompTIA A+ exam. After that we went down to the theatre and watched Serenity which is the movie based on the television show Firefly. I actually like the television show better. Because the show itself is shot in HD there isn’t much advantage to a full blown feature film production. The downside is that everyone acts differently and a lot of the crew is probably different. I felt like everyone was out of place and had lost the rhythm of the show by the time that they made the movie. The movie was good but it could have been better. One downside is that they had to make the movie able to stand on its own without needing viewers to have previously seen the series. That, combined with its attempt to be more epic than its episodal counterpart, made the project overly ambitious in comparison with the series. If you have seen neither I would recommend watching the pilot episode of the series rather than the movie but it you only have access to the movie definitely don’t miss it.

Neither of us were ready for bed so we decided to watch The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants which I had bought for Dominica the last time that we were down in Maryland for the Christmas Holiday. The movie was good. Not great but pretty good. Dominica really liked it. It was an interesting plot device to connect the characters in the film.

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