February 9, 2006

I got up this morning and went right out to breakfast with dad at the Omega.

My day today is not a really hectic one and for that I am very thankful. I managed to do some work with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 today. It isn’t very often that I really get a chance to play around with doing any programming so that was fun. I also managed to do a little cleaning around the house. Not a lot but it was an improvement. I ran some errands around town today as well including going to the post office and the UPS Store.

Now here is a really cute Rabbit Stealing A Cookie. Now who wouldn’t love that?

I finally managed to record and release another podcast tonight. It has been forever since I have managed to get one turned out. Sorry about that gang – I know that a lot of you look forward to listening to the show. Apparently, however, I didn’t really have a good feeling for just how many people do listen to the show. I was looking through my media files hosted over on the Internet Archive and discovered that the Sheep Guarding Llama Podcast Episode 28 from November 25, 2005 has been downloaded 4,500 times! None of my other podcast episodes are in that kind of range at all. I am completely blown away. I was not expecting to see anything like that. I was really surprised that that particular episode was so popular considering the fact that I have never, until just now, directly linked to that media file so people have been getting there through other links or by discovering it on their own or something. It turns out that there is a bit of media that I have hosted over there that has become decently popular. Our quick video of Dominica and I in Disney’s Animal Kingdom from our vacation last year has been watched 500 times.

I am linking to a story about StudioGlyphic’s friend Jake’s girlfriend, Christine, who has been diagnosed with cancer and is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant. Normally bone marrow donors are near impossible to find but for her it is harder than usual because she is Filipino and there is not a large Filipino population in the United States. Everyone is being asked to link to the story to get the word out. Thanks to Wil Wheaton for tipping us off.

Dominica came home tonight and we watched the very last episode of Star Trek: Then Next Generation Season Four. So now it is time to get the next season from Andy. Boy, we just burn right through those babies.

Rumor has it that the filming of the next Chronicles of Narnia movie has begun. The next movie will be Prince Caspian and is expected to hit theatres sometime around Christmas of 2007. Boy that is a long time to wait.

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