March 15, 2003

Min and I got up early this morning and headed south to Corning to visit the glass museum with Eric and Amanda. We met at 11:00am and we headed out to Market Street looking for someplace to eat lunch. We stumbled upon the London Underground on the north side of Market Street. The meal was tremendous. Min, Amanda and I all got the special of the day, a spinach pasta in a creamy mushroom sauce. Boy was that good. We all also got some chocolate creme brulee. After lunch we went to the museum for the afternoon. We had a really good time. The museum was a lot of fun. At the end of the day, Min and Amanda went and did a little glass blowing themselves at the workshop. So on Monday or Tuesday, Eric has to swing through Corning to pick up the pieces that they made after they have annealed.

After the museum, we all headed up to Ithaca where we had some dinner at The Greek House in Collegetown. After dinner we came back to the house and watched The Enemy at the Gates. Boy that was a good movie. I have had it on DVD for quite some time but I can never find anyone who wants to watch it with me so I was excited to finally get to see it. Eric and Amanda had both seen it before. Min thought that it was okay. I was really impressed. It was a different view of the war (World War II from the Soviet defense of Stalingrad.) I really appreciate seeing the war from that perspective.

After the movie, Min and I went to bed early and Eric and Amanda headed back to Groveland. Nate, Bob and Zach had a bunch of friends over from school but we didn’t get to see them because we turned in.

Loopy left for Canada early this morning. We will be seeing him again in about a week, I would estimate. He will probably be reading SGL to be able to keep up on all the goings on here.

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