March 16, 2006: Technology Seminar Day in Rochester

No rest for the weary. I had to get up this morning and get out the door pretty quickly. I had a bunch of paperwork that had to be done for New Jersey before I left the house. How annoying to take a job with a technology consultancy just to find out that they don’t even have the capability to work without using legacy fax machines.

I had some Slim Fast and headed for Rochester. First thing today is the Symantec data protection seminar being held at the Microsoft offices up at Corporate Woods in Brighton. That started at 9:00 and went until noon. Fortunately they actually got out quite early and I had enough time to run up to the hospital and pick up Eric and we got a quick lunch at Jay’s Diner. Neither of us had very much time.

I took Eric back to the hospital and headed on over to the Regal Cinema on Marketplace Drive to go to the Microsoft partner show that is this afternoon. Two shows on the same day at two different locations. Not very good planning if you ask me. But they did allow enough time to get between the locations and eat so it wasn’t too bad. I suppose that the theory is that if you are all ready taking time off of work you are better off taking one entire day rather than two half days.

After the Microsoft show I ran over to Verizon Wireless and picked up a car charger and a bluetooth headset for Dominica. Since she is going to be doing a lot of traveling soon as well and since we get free mobile to mobile minutes it seemed like a good investment for her to have. Plus New York does not allow cell phones in cars so it will allow her to use her phone while she is driving. And she can call her family on Verizon for free too so it works out well.

Dad came over just a little after I got home and we went over to the Omega to get dinner. He had been watching little Oreo today and so that gave us a chance to get him back to Geneseo too. Dad had picked Oreo up at the house just a few minutes after Dominica had left for work.

I spent the evening working on a couple of server projects. Nothing could possibly be as bad as that last one. What a pain that was. I can’t even tell you how relived I am to have that over and done with. Now I am working on building another replacement server that needs to be ready before I leave for New Jersey. Projects, projects.

Dominica got home and we went down to the basement and watched an episode of Remington Steele. We are still on the first season. We watched one episode while I worked on the server and then we headed to bed.

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