March 18, 2006

While she was at work today Dominica posted a MySpace like site up on Dogster just for Oreo. What a cute idea that site is. A great way for people to show off their best friends. And Oreo is such a cutie. Everyone needs to check out his page and “Leave Him a Bone”.

In the mail today I finally got a letter from Empire State College telling me that I actually completed a class that I had actually finished taking in December of 2004! Now if you think that I have been procrastinating about getting my degree sent to me you need to realize that I have been waiting for a year and a half for four of my classes to have their paperwork go through saying that I actually completed them. I have been done with all of my graduation paperwork for over a month now and not all of the school’s paperwork for my classes has come through yet. Heaven only knows how they expect people to be able to take classes one semester after another if it takes this long for the last class to complete. You could make it all of the way through your degree program before you found out that you failed out your first semester. Apparently I am still a long way away from actually graduating. There hasn’t been any word from the college about my degree in well over a month. Maybe two!

Dad and I went to lunch today. On the way back we stopped off at Walmart and looked for the treadmill that he has been trying to get there for months. They still don’t have it. He has been trying to get it one way or another for a long time now and Walmart is doing a really bad job with this. They keep their display treadmill on display but it would appear that they no longer carry the item. None of their locations stock it and the web site dropped it since dad started looking to find a way to get it. And since they won’t deliver it to your house he didn’t want to order it and have to deal with it arriving in Geneseo at the store. So he is probably going to just get a different treadmill from Sears or Dick’s or someplace like that.

Oreo and I drove over to the Millen’s in Livonia at 7:00. Dominica is going to go straight to their house when she gets off of work. We have hardly had any time to see them in the past several months and now we will have no time at all to see anyone for the forseeable future so we wanted to try to get together at least once before I left town. Sorry to everyone that we haven’t been able to get together with at all – move closer and be available last minute on a Saturday night is about all that I can suggest. Our schedules are just crappy for getting together with people. It is very sad. We have gone for so long without seeing almost anyone.

Dominica came down from work and got lost on her way to Livonia. She got pretty close but ended up on Dutch Hollow Road instead of on Bronson Hill. Luckily she was able to get down to the Millen’s before the snow started really coming down. Just after she arrived we got quite a bit of snow and the ground was completely covered when we left. The roads were really slippery and we had to drive really slowly to get back to Geneseo.

I started studying again for the CompTIA Security+ exam. Yes I know that it has been forever. I can’t put this off anymore. Dominica is planning on taking the first test of her A+ exam on Tuesday and I am going to go along with her so I figured that it would only make sense for me to take my test at the same time. I am not actually ready for it but I will see what I can do between now and then. This is one test that has been hanging over my head for far too long and I really need to just get it out of the way. It has never been a priority for me and I really should have chosen a different certification to have worked on but I didn’t and now I just need to face the music and have done with it.

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