March 9, 2006

Oreo and I slept in a little this morning. We are both snuggle deprived so we had to catch up a little. We didn’t stay in bed for too long. But it felt really good to get a whole night’s sleep again. We went to bed last night as soon as Dominica got home. We were all really tired. Oreo was exhausted from having been at my dad’s house playing outside in the “big backyard” all day. He had a really great time.

Oreo was totally beat today and spent the entire day sleeping on his pillow in the office. He never wanted to play or to do anything. He just slept. Dad must have really worn him out.

Sheep Guarding Llama is back up and running today and I am finally getting a chance to catch everyone up on the last few days. Sorry that I have been too busy to get anything posted but I haven’t even had much time to check on my email or anything. I have been really out of touch. The site came back online last night at 8:00 or so after having been down since Tuesday. I posted some new pics to Flickr today. I know that everyone is sick of the same old ones that haven’t changed in a while. Sometimes I just forget to post them there. The pics posted today are some of the first ones from my new Nikon D50. The last two, views from the Office and Deck are taken with the new lens that Dominica bought for me for my birthday.

Today ended up being a really busy day. There was a lot to be done with me having been gone for two days. It is amazing how quickly things pile up. I got some feedback on my interview by late this morning. The consulting firm said that the company was really happy with me and that they liked me and that their primary concern was that I might not be willing to commit to the position being permanent. This would be, of course, because they are hiring me as a contractor so perm doesn’t really enter into the equation. I think that the real problem might be that they are going about hiring perm employees in a really poor manner. So we talked about that and we will have to see what they think. I have an additional telephone interview scheduled for tomorrow morning at 10:30. That should be the final interview so it is possible that we might know something by late tomorrow but I think that that is probably pretty unlikely. Much more likely that we will hear something the middle of next week which is a real pain.

So it turns out, apparently, that this job is a lot more serious than I had anticipated. We didn’t really think that there was much of any possibility for this to be a real option and the whole point of me going down to Warren was really to make contacts, keep my interviewing skillz in shape, etc. But it is looking like they are pretty serious about me actually coming down there to work. That is totally not what I was expecting at all. So I called Dominica at work and we talked about what we thought of me actually working down there. We decided that if the interview tomorrow goes well and we get some positive feedback that she and I will drive down to New Jersey on Saturday night and stay through Monday and get a really good feel for the area. Dominica has really never been to New Jersey at all except to go to the Jersey Shore which is quite some ways away and in a very different area. We spent some time this afternoon looking at condo and townhouse options around the area. Oh boy is Jersey expensive! Really, really expensive. I have no idea how anyone can live there.

Michael and Danielle came over at 1:30 to borrow the SD card reader on my laptop for a few minutes. Neither Danielle nor I had eaten yet so we ran over to the Omega and got some lunch.

I did some additional server work today. Yes I am still trying to get that server working. I can’t believe how many headaches I am getting on this one piece of hardware. I am not happy anymore, let me tell you. This just keeps going and going. I am really at a point where I just need it to work so that I can get on with all of the work that I need to get done.

Fortunately the work that I did today again let me work down in the basement for a while and I was able to finish watching Urban Cowboy that I started a few nights ago and then I watched Saturday Night Fever. Neither movie do I find good or enjoyable. In fact John Travolta really is a terrible actor and those movies are just super poor movies about the worst of white trash in the later 1970’s. Now really the kind of movies that I would want to subject myself to again. Travolta is hardly the only bad actor in either of these films. Both movies are just loaded with bargain basement actors who aren’t taking these movies seriously at all. But then again, read the script and decide for yourself whether or not you would bother taking them seriously if it was your career. Probably not.

Dominica did some grocery shopping on the way home. She got in and we watched at episode of Remington Steele and headed for bed. I ended up needing to do some additional server work before actually heading off to bed so I stayed up much later than Dominica did.

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