April 13, 2006: Final Day of Week Three

I had to get up this morning and pack up the hotel. Hopefully for the very last time. I don’t mind being in hotels that much but constantly having to pack and unpack everything really wears on you. I like knowing that my computer is in place and working and that all of the necessities of life are available and not having to worry about having forgotten them over and over again every few days.

I got all checked out and into the car by 7:30 and headed into work. Today was busy but not hectic. Everyone, or just about everyone, has tomorrow off from work as it is a bank holiday so today is like Friday and everything is winding down. A lot of people took today off or are working from home so the whole place is pretty quiet.

I got breakfast at the office and ate at my desk as usual. I decided that I am skipping lunch today as I have a really busy day and don’t want to waste time at work eating lunch when it is bound to be a short day one way or another.

I ended up leaving the office at 2:45 so that I could drive down to North Brunswick to deal with the apartment. Traffic was terrible and it took about an hour to get to the apartment. I got all of the paperwork taken care of and got the keys and went to check the place out.

I think that the apartment is a bit nicer than I was actually expecting. That was a nice surprise. I have a full size sliding glass door in my living room that lets in plenty of light. It is a pretty pleasent room. The bathroom is brand new. New tiles, new shower, new toilet. That is the best surprise of all. I had specifically decided not to pay for the apartments with the newer ammenities and getting a newly redone kitchen wouldn’t have mattered too much to me but having a new bathroom is really nice. Moving into an apartment with an old, nasty bathroom can be pretty disgusting.

I didn’t linger long as every moment in the apartment meant worse holiday traffic to fight my way through and I had a much longer trip back than I have had over the past few weeks because the apartment is significantly farther away from home than the hotel is. So it was a little before 4:30 when I managed to get on the road heading for home.

I got stuck in really bad traffic all of the way from New Brunswick to Easton, Pennsylvania! That managed to make the trip take an hour or two longer than it should have had it been a normal day. I stopped a little north of Easton at the Wegmans and grabbed myself a quick bite of pizza before driving the rest of the way home. I haven’t had Wegmans pizza in a while although I have had more than my fair share of pizza in general.

I ate quickly and got back onto the road. The drive was uneventful. I listened to my MP3 player most of the way home. I have been listening to SQPN’s Daily Breakfast regularly now and am really enjoying the show.

It was about 10:30 when I finally pulled into Geneseo. I managed to get in about twenty minutes before Dominica got home with Oreo whom she had picked up at dad’s house on her way home from work. Oreo was very excited to see his daddy. We all hung out for just a little while before going to bed. All three of us were pretty tired and Dominica has to work two more days yet this week.

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