April 28, 2006

It felt really good to be able to get to bed early last night and get a full night’s sleep. I didn’t pull myself out of bed until around 6:10! That is a full eight hours or even a smidgen more. It has been a while since I have gotten that much sleep in a single go.

There was some work waiting for me when I first got into the office this morning. I got that taken care of and got some breakfast. Bagle and fruit. This is three fruit days in a row. I might even get healthy if I am not careful. Yesterday I ate very healthily.

Tomorrow is going to be the first day that I have had alone in New Jersey since I first came down over a month ago. Every potential day off has been filled with driving or work. Dominica is coming down tomorrow after work but isn’t likely to arrive until very late like 3:00 in the morning or later. That is the time that she got in last week and this week her work schedule goes later so she will not get the chance to leave as early. That is going to be really tough for her. Hopefully she can get plenty of sleep tonight so that she is well rested.

Today ended up being super, unbelievably slow day. Not one thing happened all day after 9:00 this morning! I was so bored I can’t even tell you. Unfortunately I got talking to my cubicle neighbour and ended up missing the lunch windows – that is the window of time that the cafeteria is open. I could always have gone out somewhere for food but I wasn’t that hungry and by not having lunch now I can go out and get a pizza or something for dinner later at the apartment. I will probably eat and watch some Remington Steele that I haven’t done all week.

Dominica put in her two weeks notice today. The plan is, if they let her, that she will work tomorrow and then two full weeks following that so that she will be wrapping up on the weekend of the fifteenth when we are supposed to be in Ohio for my cousin Brett’s graduation party. Dominica is really relieved to be winding down at work. The going back and forth has been really tough on her and she is really looking forward to having the opportunity to be in New Jersey full time.

No sooner did I mention how slow it was than I got hit with work! I didn’t do a single thing all day from 9:00 – 5:30 and then I got stuck working heavily from 5:30 – 6:30! Figures. Not that it matters. I don’t have any specific plans for after I get home. Just relax for a little while and then go to bed.

SGL has been completely deluged with comment spam. It is awful. I am going to have to implement a strickter comment system. I am getting hundred of comments a day from automated engines attemping to advertise on the site. Maybe the thing that is most annoying is that obviously they don’t manage to actually post because I verify each comment manually so what they are actually doing is not comment spamming but attempting a form of a Denial of Service or DoS attack, which is a felony. But of course it is way too much effort to prosecute and it is probably coming from outside of the country anyway.

I spent the evening in from of the computer as always. I didn’t have any lunch today so I decided to break down and order myself a Domino’s pizza. It ended up taking close to two hours before it actually arrived and it wasn’t all that hot when it finally got here. But it was tasty and I was really looking forward to it. I tried watching an episode of Perfect Strangers while I ate my pizza but then it became painfully clear to me why I ended up hating that show when it was originally on. Let me tell you, I am not of Balkin decent in anyway but I am sympathetically insulted for anyone who is. That show was totally an attempt to mock anyone from Greece, Albania, Yugoslavia, Crete, etc. There was no plot, nothing funny, no good acting, no nothing but a platform for saying that the Balkans are a backwards, useless, sub-human culture and I hope that anyone connected with that show never worked again. I don’t know how any show with that much agenda made it onto prime time but it is reediculouws. The characters name is even “Balki” which, of course you can’t even SAY! If you called someone that at a job they would have to fire you on the spot. If it was more popular people might call it the “B” word.

My project this evening was to set up a Mambo Content Management server. That took a little while as my default PHP installation was not equipped to handle the install but that wasn’t too much of a problem. I got that up and running and then turned in for the night. It was pretty late by the time that I went to bed but tomorrow I actually get to sleep in. Yay!

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