May 1, 2006: Happy May Day!

Today is May Day, the celebration of the coming summer. Traditionally this was the day that was considered the beginning of the summer season. In the UK this is a bank holiday. Good deal for me since I mostly work with clients in Great Britain.

It was a beautiful morning. I slept in until just after 6:00. Oreo even stayed in bed all night. Normally, because the bed is smaller here than at home, he decides that it is too warm and he moves to his pillow to cool down.

Sorry to everyone who got the giant “Don’t Buy from AIT” banner yesterday. I didn’t realize that it was that large and I didn’t view the page myself for several hours. So some people got a pretty ugly page. And sorry about the Tripod hosting image that came up two days ago. I am working on rectifying that one. It only happens on some machines. I keep checking it with some and it is fine.

I got my usual breakfast at the office this morning. I did my first Solaris 10 install this morning. I have a SUN Blade workstation on my desk and I put Solaris 10 on it. So I am now using SUN’s Java Desktop Environment. It is a modification of Gnome but it would appear that they did a really nice job with it and this is an environment that would be very comfortable for Windows users.

I was able to head for home at 4:30 which was nice so Dominica and I could spend a long evening together before she and Oreo have to return to Geneseo. Dominica was going to do some laundry for me today and forgot to do it during the day so she ran out to do it right as I was leaving to come home. So I ended up getting home almost forty-five minutes before she did. But Oreo was at the apartment and I got a chance to spend some time with him.

Min got home and shortly she and I went out to Tanjore just a little ways down on Route 1 for some dinner. Tanjore is a vegetarian Indian restaurant that we had spotted as we drove to Jenn’s apartment last weekend. It is very close to the apartment so it is really interesting to us. It is only about five minutes away on the same road that the apartment is on.

Dinner was spectacular. Everything at Tanjore was really, really good. Finding South Indian cuisine is not nearly as easy as the more common North Indian cuisine so it was an extra treat. And being completely vegetarian there is just a ton of stuff for Dominica and I to eat. We are very glad that we discovered Tanjore and we will be returning often.

After dinner we came back to the apartment and just relaxed for the evening. It was all ready fairly late and we had to do some work on Dominica’s resume since her last two jobs were not on there. She is done with her current position on May 13th which is less than two weeks away so she needs to be diligently working on finding something new down here in New Jersey. We have some leads so we are hopeful that she might be able to find something right away.

Before going to bed we broke open Season Three of Remington Steele and watched the season opener. By the time that that was done it was late enough to go to bed. I have not been getting enough sleep since I have been down here and that is a real challenge. Min and Oreo head back home tomorrow for the last time. Next weekend I go to Geneseo instead of them coming down here and then the following weekend Dominica is moving down for good. Then, just to keep things interesting, we are traveling out west to Ohio the weekend after that.

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