May 13, 2006

Today is my first day posting the SGL updates from my new SUSE Linux workstation. So far so good. I am really liking my high powered Linux desktop. Since Linux has had full 64 bit support for a while I can really take advantage of my hardware as opposed to running Windows in scaled down 32 bit mode.

I slept in until 10:00 this morning. Boy did that feel good. John called me from Ithaca. He was working there and needed my assistance. That kept me busy for several hours. I finished watching Once Upon A Time in the West this morning. I kind of feel like I may have seen it or have seen part of it long ago but it is just a vague memory.

I ended up putting in six hours working today. Not much of a day off. I finished watching Once Upon A Time in the West and then moved on to watching Marlene Dietrich in Morrocco which is a really awful movie from 1930 with no plot whatsoever. It was massively boring. The character development was so poor that it was impossible to follow. The film quality was really low.

I ordered in some lunch from Pizza Plus Cluck U. What a stupid name. I got an eggplant parm sub, corn nuggets and mozzarella sticks. Nothing special but at least it wasn’t pizza. I worked until 4:30. I started watching Blonde Venus with Marlene from 1932. It had Cary Grant in one of his earliest roles but even he couldn’t save this movie. I turned it off. Not a happy movie. Just a poor movie about rotten people. I decided that I needed happier things to watch so I headed out to Walmart and Pathmark to do some shopping.

At Walmart I managed to pick up some DVDs. Mostly bargain bin stuff. I got super cheap Grease 2 replacing my old laserdisc for Dominica even though I totally hate the movie, Dead & Breakfast, Cool World with a young Brad Pitt, Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express with Sean Connery and Ingrid Berman, Black Ball, Detonator with Pierce Brosnan and Patrick Stewart, Last Resort with the awful Coreys and Season Three (it was all that they had) of Magnum P.I.. Not the best selection ever but the Walmarts here have very little to be desired. There is little reason to go back there now. I cleaned them out. They don’t have any television shows left that I want to see and they only have a few full priced movies that are sort of tempting. Nothing that really calls to me.

I hit Pathmark and picked up some basic supplies. Water and chips. Can’t drink the tap water here. It is so bad. I made a cool discovery though. I discovered that down here they stock the shelves with Diet Cherry Pepsi in two liter bottles!! That is so awesome. So I grabbed two bottles of it.

I came back to my lonely apartment and watched Magnum P.I. It isn’t an exciting life but it’s what I have. I watched several episodes while I worked on the computer. Since it was my day off I worked on my pet video collection project. Dominica wanted me to get more of it done so that she could use it this week to enter some data into the system since she will have a lot of time alone (with the dog) at the apartment. She has two interviews this week and other than that her week consists of studying for the second A+ examination.

Tomorrow is another lazy day at home. I will have to figure out food again. The house is still completely devoid of anything but the chips that I bought today. At least I have something to drink now.

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