May 25, 2006

I woke up before my alarm again today. I must be getting enough sleep, somehow. I checked in with work, checked the Netgear wireless to make sure that it was still working and got myself ready to go to the office. Even starting the day leisurely I managed to get in before eight. Not too shabby. The office is still pretty empty at that time.

I found out this morning that we have Monday off from work! It is cool working for a bank, let me tell you. So now I am wondering what I am going to do on Monday. I might drive up to Frankfort and pick up Dominica and Oreo so that I get to spend the week with them. That will make me very happy. It is really cool getting regular three day weekends. I only found out about it because someone from another department was standing next to me at the “water cooler” and mentioned something about getting ready for the holiday weekend.

Dominica is really lucky that she managed to get down to Houston yesterday. This morning Amtrak announced that it had lost power and the electric rail lines running from New York City to Washington, D.C. were shut down from lack of power. These lines include the electrically powered New Jersey Transit lines which includes the North East Corridor line that Dominica takes from Jersey Ave. Station. Had she flown today instead of yesterday she would have gotten trapped on the train!

Mostly the day was pretty quiet at the office. I got plenty of time to do my own things and was about to leave by 5:30. Tomorrow is going to be a really long day – I have an after hours deployment that needs to be done and that means that I will be starting the bulk of my work after 6:00. Maybe closer to 7:00. That kind of sucks. It is the long holiday weekend and I am stuck at the office really, really late working on a server build. Maybe I will come home and work on it once it gets to a certain point. That might be the smart thing to do.

I got home and finished watching Magnum P.I. and I finished the leftover Dominos’ from last night. I did some work and was mildly productive. No particulary exciting new developments but I did get some work done so I feel pretty good about the night. I won another Compaq DL360 server on eBay. I got an amazing deal on this one. I also won four Integrated Lights Out Management cards for my DL360’s that let me work on them remotely easily. Pretty cool.

I wasn’t tired yet when I finished Magnum P.I. so I watched Blackball that I had gotten dirt cheap at Walmart. I can’t classify it as a great movie but I can say that it was much better than I thought that it was going to be and it might even make it into the “watchable” category. But just barely. You know you are in rough shape when you have to highlight Vince Vaughn. Talk about a nobody cast. There were some smaller actors in the film that gans of British television and film will recognize. The movie is about the game of bowls which is insanely boring on its own. And then the movie goes way over the top and is just dumb about it. Like a really low budget Happy Gilmore without the funny parts.

I went to bed at 11:30 and wasn’t tired at all. I ended up checking email and stuff from bed.

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