May 27, 2006

I didn’t get to bed until probably two in the morning so I slept in until around ten. It was way too warm out and I haven’t turned on the air conditioning yet so I was pretty drowsy and didn’t sleep all that well. It is really humid too. That doesn’t help unless it is quite cold.

I set up in the living room for a long weekend of computing and put in the DVD of Cocoon. Cocoon was Ron Howard’s “redemption” film. Probably his last chance to atone for the slew of trash that he made in the 1970’s. Just a year before he had made Splash which was enough to keep his career lingering but Cocoon is the movie that actually saved him. Not that it saved him for much. He made a few really good movies like Backdraft, Willow and Apollo 13 but then his career petered out and the movies began to decline. Then in 2000 he made How the Grinch Stole Christmas and everyone remembered him as the director of Grand Theft Auto – possibly the worst movie of all time. I realize that Last Resort and The Blair Witch Project give it some serious competition but Grand Theft Auto most likely takes the prize.

I spoke to Dominica first thing this morning and she and Francesca were near Memphis and very tired. They were thinking of calling it a day pretty soon. They were both really exhausted. They have come to realize that they are not as young as they used to be. They just can’t drive that far without sleeping anymore. It is tough getting old.

I had left over mac and cheese and rice pudding for lunch. It was still good.

I had more work to do today from last night. But I get paid for working weekends so it is cool.

As I continue to work my way through the unwatched portions of my DVD collection I watched Cool World with Brad Pitt, Gabriel Byrne and Kim Bassinger from 1992. I have never seen Cool World before but Dominica talks about it sometimes and I found it cheap at Walmart so I picked it up. It turned out to be a pretty crappy movie. The plot was impossible to follow and practically none existant. The whole thing was just dumb.

My cell phone not working in or near the apartment is really getting to be a problem. I had so many dropped called today it was ridiculous. The Vonage doesn’t work very well overlapping with the other VoIP phone so I can’t use that until I get that problem figured out. I am not totally convinced that the Vonage works at all anymore. I can’t get its light to come on at all. Just another thing that I have to deal with now. Argh.

Work wasn’t about to end so I decided to take the opportunity to watch Hudson Hawk which is one of Eric’s favourite movies. I only know of this movie because Eric always talks about it. But it is a Bruce Willis movie so it can’t be bad.

Hudson Hawk wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t a classic either. It was cute and enjoyable but definitely nothing special. I ended up working all day. This has been one busy week and next week is set to be incredibly busy too. I am starting every day at 4:00 am and I just realized that I am in class all week as well that will go until 5:00 in the afternoon. That is a thirteen hour day every day all week. I will be really tired by the end of the week. That means that I won’t get my “starting early commuting bonus” by getting to come home when there isn’t any traffic. I will be going home during rush hour 🙁 Somehow this stuff never pans out when you hope that it will.

I am rapidly running out of stuff to watch on DVD. I only brought so many DVDs with me thinking that it would take me forever to go through them but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Working remotely doesn’t give me a lot of chance to do other things so watching DVDs allows me to stay at the desk and watch my email and to be ready to answer the phone because people keep calling me too. I am hoping to be able to run to Best Buy to grab some additional DVDs and to check on some Audible compatible mp3 players that they might have but time is running out. I am pushing 7:00 and they probably close at 9:00 and I am still working and haven’t had a chance to shower yet!

Just to show how bored I am at this point, I am watching To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar. Now you know that I am bored. Dominica says that she likes this movie but I don’t find cross dressing entertaining. I have never figured out why people like drag shows. It is just weird to me. It is a show where the only entertainment is men putting on makeup. Weird.

I worked for way too long today and it was incredibly warm in the house all day too. I finally have up on the fresh air idea and tried turning on the air conditioning. That didn’t seem to do much of anything. I am going to have to investigate that tomorrow. I ran the air conditioning for tilt for hours and I was still way too warm. I had learned previously that the a/c never kicked on if I set it to auto. I was just hoping that it would work when I forced it on. But apparently not.

I worked until 8:20 and then told the people that I was working with that I was going out to get much needed supplies and took off before the stores closed. I ran out to East Brunswick and discovered a whole shopping area out there that Dominica is going to be very glad that I found. East Brunswick is like the Henrietta of Central Jersey (for those of you who are familiar with Rochester or Erie Boulevard for those from ‘Cuse.) There is a Borders and a Best Buy there and tons of other stuff. I went to Best Buy and treated myself to a Sandisk Sansa C150 2GB MP3 player. I didn’t get it for MP3’s though. I got it because it is one of the best Audible compatible units that I could find in a store nearby. I love my Audible subscription and this will make it a lot easier to take advantage of it. I also picked up some new DVDs to help kill some time over the weekend. I got EuroTrip, The Dukes of Hazard, Magnum P.I. Season One, the entire Once Upon A Time in China trilogy, both Ranma 1/2 movies and finally the widescreen version of The Mummy cheap after we have been looking for it for forever. Quite a haul. I know that dad will like The Mummy and I have only ever seen it once.

While I was out I ran into the grocery store and grabbed a couple of snack items for the evening along with AAA batteries for the Sandisk. While I was out the email server at work went down for maintenance and I was no longer able to get a hold of anyone that I needed to complete the work that I was doing. That isn’t good.

I got back and found that there was nothing that I was able to do without email. I wasn’t tired at all after having been up late last night and the house was way to warm to go to sleep anyway so I watched both EuroTrip and The Dukes of Hazard. Both were pretty good. Neither was really good but both were okay.

I discovered another centipede this evening. That is number five I believe. It was high on the wall and very easy to kill. Well, no centipede is easy to kill but it was easier than most. I really wish that they would seal the door but I don’t really think that that is the problem. I think that it climbed out of the venting because I was running the furnace fan.

Dominica called just before I went to bed to let me know that they had arrived safely in Frankfort.

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