June 22, 2006: Working the Double

It is weird, as always, changing the day that I am writing as even though I am still sitting at the computer as I have been for the past eleven hours or so. But switching at midnight is about the only thing that makes sense and is consitent so let Thursday begin. I have been working since five in the afternoon yesterday and am scheduled until eight in the morning but I have a server checkout that isn’t likely to start until then so I could easily end up getting stuck a bit later than that which is really not what I am hoping for. I will be really exhausted by morning. I am adjusting to the overnights well and have no been doing too badly, in general. I am staying on the overnight now until Monday (that is I will work from Sunday night into Monday morning) but on Tuesday I will be back to days. Or so I have been told. But there is a decent chance that I will be on overnights again on Thursday and Friday working with the new, full time overnight guy. That means that I won’t be able to work from home, though, and will have to go into the office those nights which will not be nearly as nice.

I finished watching The Thomas Crown Affair that I started in the evening. I had gotten mixed reviews of it and I can see why. Brosnan is always good but this was not a particularly exciting role for him to be in. Rene Russo is generally hot and cold and I don’t find her very likable in this role. The movie isn’t bad but not gripping. The characters are kind of flat and boring and the female lead could be given a positive spin by calling her a top notch insurance investigator or you could give her a negative spin by calling her a seven figure prostitute. Likewise our investment banker male lead could be a world class art thief or perhaps just a big time practical joker. This is a film that leaves a lot of room for “spin” but ends up just spinning out.

I moved on to Lethal Weapon 2 which I haven’t seen in a long time. Strangely Walmart only had 2 and 4 available. It seems like they would have an easier time selling them if they sold all four films together. I realize that 2 and 4 are the “bargains” of the series with 1 and 3 being the classics but still. Who buys only the sequel and never the original to anything? You just don’t do that. I did but only because I have all ready seen them all and plan to get 1 and 3 when I find them.

The night dragged on and my six I was totally exhausted. I went in and lay down a little a few times. At one point I think that I slept for a good fifteen or maybe even twenty minutes. That helped – a little power nap and I was pretty good for another hour. I was really happy that they decided not to do my server checkout until after I had signed off at eight so that I didn’t get caught having to do that while being so tired. I went to bed a few minutes before eight and I was out like a light.

I slept for a solid seven hours. I don’t think that I woke up once the entire night. Boy did that feel good. I was up at three in the afternoon and felt great. Funny how just seven good hours of sleep can do so much revitalization.

I did more site maintenance today and there is a ton of the old dailies on the database now. What a relief that is. Soon, I hope, they will all be moved over and the site will be whole again. This afternoon I went outside for a few minutes and took some pictures of the apartment and the complex so that people could see what it is like where we are living. I put up two pictures of the apartment taken from the parking lot that you can see here and here. Plus a picture of a wooded area in the complex and one of the main complex driveway leading out to US Route 1.

I watched The Road Warrior which is the better know sequel to the film Mad Max. Everyone knows the name of the movie Mad Max but very few people have actually seen the film. Most have seen the sequel and confuse it for the original although if you actually see the first one you would realize that they are not the same movie at all. And then a lot more people get really confused about the third movie in the series, Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome which was a really awful movie with Tina Turner. The first two were sort of serious movies and were very important in their genre but the third was just crap. And everyone thinks that you mean that one if you ever say Mad Max. Frustrating.

I was running very low on DVDs to watch so I decided to go out to Best Buy this evening and do some stocking up. I am doing the overnight again tonight and then at least one day next week and these overnights cause me to go through a ton of stuff when otherwise I might go for a week with only watching one show or so. I also looked for CDs but didn’t find anything that I had wanted but I didn’t find a good deal on the soundtrack to the musical made into movie Paint Your Wagon. I had a cassette copy of that soundtrack as a kid that I made from my parents LP. What an awesome soundtrack. I would own that movie as well but dad has it.

I did manage to get a bunch of movies. A bunch of really stupid movies, for the most part, but stuff that I kind of wanted to have and that are perfect for semi-watching late at night: Old School, Not Another Teen Movie and Road Trip. I also got some good serious movies like Pride and Prejudice and Broken Flowers as well as Ocean’s Eleven which seemed appropriate since we recently got Ocean’s Twelve. I was really glad that I went because I also managed to find a one buy, get one free deal on the Magnum P.I. series so I bought seasons two and four so I have all four of the first series now! That saved a lot of money.

While I was in the Best Buy parking lot I decided to walk over to the grocery store and see if there was anything there that I wanted. There wasn’t but there was a Dunkin Donuts inside of the grocery store (they have one like every ten feet down here.) So I grabbed a croissant sandwich for dinner.

It was nine thirty when I got back to the apartment. I discovered another centipede tonight. Argh. This one died pretty quickly. I really hate centipedes.

I did some additional work on SGL and watched Old School before my shift started. Nate and Bob had raved and raved about Old School so when I found it fairly cheap I figured that I shouldn’t pass it up. I am not sure that I would go along with their rave reviews but it was a passable movie. Luke Wilson is always good. It is definitely not a classic by any stretch.

I was doing some meandering on Amazon tonight and found this awesome CD that everyone has to own. Ok, just kidding. But can you believe that CD actually exists?

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