June 27, 2006: Back to the Day Shift

Pulling myself out of bed this morning was quite the chore. Dominica and I didn’t get to bed until around one in the morning. I was awake at six but my body was tired and made me stay in bed for some time longer. I finally pulled myself out of bed and went to the office.

It feels strange being back in the office again. I haven’t been on days full time sitting at my desk doing my regular job in over a month! That might seem like a vacation to a lot of you but remember that I have only been here for a little under three months so far so having an entire month of doing something different really throws things out of whack pretty easily.

As of today I am on regular daytimes all of the time. We thought that I was still going to do another one or two overnights yet this week but that ended up not happening which is pretty much a relief. I like overnights but I don’t like doing them right after having worked all day. We had been planning on me switching to starting at four in the morning and working until early afternoon but that was cancelled today and I am just going to be on regular daytimes. At least that is the story for today. It would appear to change every day.

I didn’t get a chance to head for home until pretty late – after seven in the evening. That makes for a really short night. I didn’t get home until eight. Dominica and I ordered some Domino’s pizza and watched The Trouble with Harry by Alfred Hitchcock that I love from my childhood but Dominica has never seen before. She thought that it was really good.

Near the end of the movie the pizza delivery guy finally arrived and explained that he had been robbed or something and that someone had taken our pizza. So Domino’s rushed another delivery guy out with new pizzas for us and only charged us half. So it took a while but we ate cheap tonight.

We had some time to wait for the pizza so we watched the first half of Elizabethtown that Dominica’s mother had recommended. It was a quiet evening and I pretty much just took some time to work on entering movie data into the movie database system.

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