June 29, 2006

I have a feeling that today is going to be a quiet day. I like quiet days. Quiet days are good.

I am still getting into the groove of working days again and I slept in until eight again this morning. I expect that I will be back to normal by next week although having a holiday on Tuesday is really going to throw me off. Dominica got a chance yesterday evening to talk to our real estate agent in Geneseo about selling the house. She, the agent, was really enthusiastic about our prospects. She said that ours would be the only ranch on the market in the village which will put it in demand. We are hopeful. We also have more usable space than the “larger” capes that are left to sell. And there are only two of them. And we have a deck, air conditioning, partially finished basement, etc. I think that we have a lot going for us. Now if we can just get it sold.

So the plan is for Dominica to go to Geneseo in a week or two and spend a week up there just boxing and cleaning and tossing. Tossing out everything that we don’t need, that is. And there is a lot that we don’t need. And a lot that we can’t use anymore. We need to learn to live lighter. We could learn a lesson there from Andy who attempts to own so little that it will all fit into a single room. He can move himself without any problem at all. Moving Dominica and I is a major undertaking. We are going to do as much as possible to fix that. A lot of the space at the house is taken by servers and computers and that will be going to Scranton which will help a lot. And some amount of stuff will be going to New Jersey to actually use day to day. But there is an awful lot that just needs to be stored. It is rough storing so much stuff but it has to be done.

This morning was very slow. Almost no one talked to me at all. There wasn’t even very much sound in the office. A nice, relaxing morning. I managed to get caught up a little more on my HP classes that I have been taking. Three more lessons were released this morning so there was plenty for me to do. Not that I was concerned about being bored. There is always lots for me to do.

I called this afternoon to check on the status of the BMW that we are interested in but it has not yet arrived on the lot at Princeton BMW. We will have to wait until next week for Dominica to test drive it now. She is very excited, though, and really feels that she is going to like it. She rode in the back seat when I test drove it and she thought that that was really impressive even though it is a very small car. It is smaller than her PR5. It does seat four adults but just barely. Definitely no fifth adult and no one would want to ride in the back seat on a long trip. But it had a lot more room than more sport convertibles. The car will probably be on the lot tomorrow so we are planning on taking a look at it on Monday.

Great article today called “so it doesn’t poop all over your office.” And just think, if you weren’t reading SGL you would have missed out on that.

I managed to leave work at a quart to six. Unfortunately I ended up getting stuck in terrible traffic on the way home and it ended up taking me almost an hour and a half to get home. Argh. I was really hungry having only had a tuna fish salad sandwich all day so Min hopped into the car and we ran out to Tanjore for more dosai like we had last night. We are hooked. We ate until we could hardly move, again. That is two days in a row. They know us pretty well there by now. The entire staff knows us as soon as we walk in the door. We feel confident that this must be pretty good southern Indian cuisine because the clientelle is almost entirely Indian. The place was packed tonight and there was only two tables in the whole place who weren’t Indian.

I had plenty of work to do tonight so I spent the evening getting things wrapped up. Dominica coordinated with the family in New York and Sara and Jeremy will be coming up to Geneseo to work all day on Saturday to help us get the house ready to show during the week. It is going to be a really busy weekend but it needs to be done.

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