June 3, 2006

Happy 18th birthday to Tony West!

We don’t get a lot of time when we come up to Geneseo for the weekend. Today is our only full day here. I called dad when we got out of bed this morning and he came over to Geneseo and the three of us had breakfast at the Omega Grill.

We hit Walmart on the way home and picked up a few basic supplies. While we were there we took dad back to the sports section and got him his birthday present – a set of Dunlop golf clubs with a bag. Now that he has ten acres of carefully manicured lawn he has plenty of space to be playing golf all of the time without ever leaving the house.

After breakfast we came back to the house in Geneseo and Min went over to her nail place to get her nails done and dad went back to his house to wait for us to finish up stuff in Geneseo. I got some work done on one of the new servers and got some cleaning done around the house. It is such a mess with the move and all of the new equipment that has been passing through. There are empty boxes everywhere and packing material just piling up. It is awful.

It took Dominica over an hour to get her nails done then she came back to the house and we drove over to dad’s to spend the afternoon. We spent a little time outside checking out his new frisbee golf equipment and discovered that Oreo knows how to play frisbee! So we are going to go shopping and get a dog frisbee for him sometime soon.

Around dinner time Dominica decided that she was really hungry so the three of us drove back over to Geneseo and got dinner (or maybe a late lunch) at the Omega. Dad had to take off early because he is going to a piano concert at Union Presbyterian Church this evening. So he left around 5:30. Min and I went home and hung around for about an hour before leaving to go to Perry.

We went to the Silver Lake Drive-In and Mary and Jocelyn (aka J-Dog) met us there. It was a light rain all evening and a little chilly but not terrible. We got a pizza from the Corral. Mary and I got some ice cream and Min and J-Dog got nachos and fried dough. We say Over the Hedge which was really good. I highly recommend it. Then we say X-Men 3 which is okay but not nearly up to the standards of the first two X-Men movies and I only liked them so much. This one had a really poor story line and really poor character development. I was completely unable to understand any of the character motivations and it turned into one of those movies where the characters in the movie have so much opportunity to do obvious things to fix their situations so that I become confused by the fact that they don’t do them. The problem is that I become immersed in the world of the movie moreso than the writers and I can’t understand why the characters in the movie don’t see themselves inside their own world but it is because the writers do not. This is a common problem with comic book and similar styled movies. The writing is not taken seriously and it really shows. The audience knows more about the characters than the people who actually made the movie.

We did see trailers for two movies that we are really looking forward to: Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and Superman which looks to be a really amazing remake.

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