June 5, 2006

When I finally got to go to bed a little after eight in the morning I was pretty tired. Totally exhausted, in fact. I collapsed into bed and was out in no time. I only ended up sleeping until 12:30 and was up and not feeling too bad. This week will be a bit tough to adjust to but last night is the only night that I am expecting to be very bad. I am really looking forward to having the entire week at the apartment with Dominica and Oreo after having been alone for the past two weeks.

I did a little work around the apartment and then around 2:00 Dominica and I went out for lunch and some shopping. We ate at the Omega and then went to Office Depot and bought a second office chair to match the first one that we bought a few weeks ago so that Dominica will have one too and we bought a second small desk for her to use. The newer one is nicer than the one that I am using. We would like to have bought nice desks but we know that we are going to be moving before too long and it didn’t seem like a good idea to invest in large, heavy furniture taht we will just have to disassemble, pack and move in a few months. So small, light, cheap furniture for us for the time being. It is tough knowing that we have nice office furniture doing nothing in Geneseo that we can’t use. I also got some markers and a large dry erase whiteboard for the apartment. That will be our one decoration in the apartment.

We came home and I set to work on the computer and Dominica got to work on putting furniture together. We watched the seventh season of Red Dwarf. This is the first season that I haven’t seen any of yet. I am pretty excited. I took the evening pretty easy as I headed into my second overnight shift. Around 11:00 I went into the bedroom and laid down for a quick nap before starting work. Oreo came in and slept next to me for a little while.

This afternoon I ended up getting a luncheon meeting with the consulting firm that I work for scheduled for noon tomorrow up near the office. That is a bit of a pain. I have to get up just a little after ten in the morning to be able to make it. That is just two hours of sleep. That is going to be awful.

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