July 14, 2006: The Middle East is at War Again

On all of our minds today is the new Lebonese-Israeli war that started yesterday.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports on the humiliation being faced by the United States as we are stuck in a position of having no idea what to do about the middle east conflict. In reality we are very much stuck in a bad position much like Germany was at the beginning of World War I – a major world super-power with a poorly chosen, weak and power hungry war mongering state that decides to pick a fight and draw an entire region into the conflict through allegiances. This isn’t an American war anymore than World War I was a German war but we will get involved if Bush stays president. No president except for Wilson ever liked killing people so much. Israel is bringing a fragile democracy to its knees and Bush, “Mr. Go in and kill everyone until they decide to accept a democracy” isn’t going to even suggest to Israel that maybe they are creating the terrorist problem? Once it is a US ally causing the issue, suddenly the rules change. Suddenly it isn’t about stopping terrorism or promoting democracy. Now we see just how much it is about local, American interests. We aren’t in these wars for anyone’s good but our own and clearly Bush has no clue what is or isn’t good for our country.

Today is a long day at the office. I had to work late until around 7:00. Friday nights are often tough. On the way home Dominica called Tanjore and had them get dinner ready for us and I swung by and picked it up. We watched The Producers while we ate. The Producers is a 2005 remake of the 1968 Mel Brooks’ classic that became a major Broadway hit in the 00’s with Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick. The movie is absolutely hilarious. Really well done. Totally worth watching. Definitely a classic even if it is a remake – of a classic. Mel Brooks has definitely still got it.

After that it was time to go to bed. Not much too report. Just a long day and I am tired.

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