July 22, 2006: Sara’s Graduation Party

It was a rough night for sleeping with the two dogs. Dexter is still not feeling well from being drugged for his drive yesterday. He can get really restless at night and make it very difficult to actually get some sleep.

We got up “early” this morning to go to breakfast with dad and his cousin Paula Jean and my Great Aunt Betty. We met them over at the Omega and hung out for a couple of hours.

After breakfast Dominica and I went to Walmart and did some quick shopping. We got a few supplies that we needed as well as the DVDs of She’s the Man and The Perfect Score. Then we returned home and spent about an hour at the house in Geneseo before driving down to Leicester to go to Sara’s graduation party. We arrived around 1:00 and did a little helping with the setup for the party.

We stayed at the party until almost 10:00. Then Dominica and I drove back to Geneseo. We stopped at Pizza Paul’s on Main Street and grabbed a few slices to go and went to the house.

We took the opportunity to use the theatre to watch She’s the Man with Amanda Bynes. It was cute – not as good as we had hoped that it would be but it wasn’t bad. Definitely nothing too special. There were some very funny parts and Amanda Bynes is always really good.

After the movie it was time for bed. Tomorrow is going to be a long day. We are meeting the family for an early lunch and then I am spending the day on the train going back to New Jersey. Dominica is spending the week in Geneseo getting the house as ready as possible to sell while taking care of the dogs. She will have a busy week. She going out to Frankfort or Saturday night and then is probably coming to New Jersey on Monday.

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