July 24, 2006: Back in New Jersey Alone

I slept in a little late this morning and decided that it would better if I just worked from home until lunch. That ended up working really well as it was a pretty slow morning.

I spent the morning keep a close eye out for that centipede that managed to escape last night but I have seen no more signs of him. That really irks me knowing that there is a centipede but I can’t find it but it knows where I sleep. At least it was in the farthest point in the apartment from where I sleep or there would not be very much sleeping going on at all. As it is I slept pretty soundly last night. Boy was I tired when I got in.

I went over to the Omega Diner to get myself some lunch on my way to work. Nothing fancy, just French toast. Then it was on to the office for a grueling afternoon off work.

Actually work has been incredibly slow for the past couple of weeks. I am guessing that this is because my partner who is in India for his wedding currently pushed for tons of projects to be done before he had to leave which leaves a dearth of stuff now. Which, in reality, works out perfectly.

I worked until late tonight. Without Dominica and Oreo at home there is no reason for me to leave the office.

It was around 8:00 pm when I arrived at the apartment. I did a little work on the computer, ordered a pizza from Papa John’s and watched the rest of Season Two of Magnum P.I.. Now I am ready to move on to Season Four. This is one of my treats when Dominica is away.

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