July 25, 2006

I looked at my electric bill for the apartment in New Jersey and realized that it is costing quite a bit more in electric for this little apartment than it has been costing for the much larger house in Geneseo with far more lights, the theatre and the servers running all of the time. In North Brunswick we set the air conditioning several degrees higher than we set in Geneseo, have no computers on full time and generally just one on during the evening and nothing at night or during the day and have just a couple of lights – mostly fluorescent! It just shows how massively inefficient the air conditioner is in New Jersey. What a pain.

Raymond has a great company name that is a poor choice for multiple languages. This one is pretty funny. Check out BetonSports. He has, in the past, had a really good entry on Stor-Mor.

I did some big work on SGL today. The biggest deal is that the old dailes have all been transferred over to the new system. Finally! That took so much manual work I can’t even describe. But it is all done now. Now every word ever written for SGL can be searched online to find any topic that you are looking for. Because the “Monthly Archive” sidebar is now so large I also decided to reorganize the sidebar to put the Flickr images where they could actually be seen by people casually reading the site.

Today was a long work day. I ended up staying in the office until after 8:00 this evening. There was a lot to be done and no real reason to go home.

Once I got home a little after 9:00 I ordered some Domino’s pizza and watched two episodes of the fourth season of Magnum P.I.. I did some web design work that needed to be taken care of and then I recorded the SGL Podcast Episode 50. I got that posted which took quite a long time. By the time that I got the podomatic feed posted and the two posts on OurMedia it ended up being almost 3:00 am before I actually managed to get to bed. It takes a really long time to edit, convert (three times) and to post (three times) all of that audio.

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