July 6, 2006

I was up nice and early this morning – because we had a router down in Geneseo. What a pain that router is. I have to find a good way around that if this is going to continue to be such a major problem. I was up around seven thirty to deal with that. It required dad to drive out to Geneseo to manually restart it again. At least it gives him an excuse to get breakfast at the Omega. Today is his usual breakfast day with his sister anyway so I am assuming that that worked out well.

Dominica had to get up with me this morning because she is catching a ride with me when I go into work to pick up her car at the Mazda dealer on route 22. Fortunately it is very close to where I work. Oreo rode along too since Dominica is doing some shopping after getting her car back.

It rained either last night or early this morning. Couldn’t have been much but everything is wet again. I can’t believe how much it rains here. We are in July and the rains just keep coming and coming.

It really sucks having to spend almost $650 on a car that we are planning on selling as quickly as possible. We put over $1,000 into new tires for that car so far this year all ready! After picking up her car, Dominica made it down to Edison where she was shopping for dog food and goggles for him when her hatchback broke! Can you believe that? One of the bolts that holds the hydraulics for the truck snapped and left her with a hatchback door that she can’t close. Now we can’t really lock the car and we have to spend a bit of money getting that fixed before we can sell it or even let it sit at the apartment. Just what we need. Hopefully we can get it right back into the shop this afternoon. She could drop it off when I leave work. Argh.

I managed to get two lessons completed on the class that I have left open with HP. There is one lesson left for each class that has not opened up yet. I should be done with those classes by next week.

Today turned out to be a really good day at work. It was a breakthrough day in which I actually managed to get access to just about everything that I could need to do my job and I am now, believe it or not, able to be productive and useful at work. That is a great feeling. After two months of being here and not being useful and really just being in peoples’ ways I am now a valuable team member able to do my own work without needing someone to help me all of the time. This is a major stress reliever for me.

I left work at six and picked Min up from the apartment and we went to the Omega for dinner. For some reason I was starving when I got home so I was really looking forward to eating. I haven’t been eating much fried food since coming down to New Jersey. I am not sure why but it has been good for me. Tonight I decided to diverge from that and I got the fried seafood dinner. Big mistake.

I spent the evening feeling really sick. I got nothing done other than reading through several magazines that I have gotten backed up on reading. It takes a lot of work to get through all of the reading that I try to do.

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