July 9, 2006

I got my critical tasks done for the weekend yesterday but there was plenty of work to keep me busy today. I got an IP phone all set up and ready to go for Josh. I am delivering that to him this afternoon. Fortunately setting up the phones takes no time at all and is really easy.

Dad came over at 11:30 and we went over to the Omega for some lunch. I won’t get a chance to see him again for two weeks. I get very little chance to see anyone these days.

I spent the afternoon working frantically around the house. I got most of one large car load packed up and moved out to the garage for dad to pick up during the week and move to the farm. Every load helps – a lot. It is surprisingly easy to pack up your house when you do it in small increments like this. It is the driving back and forth between Geneseo and North Brunswick constantly that makes it all so hard and not being able to do any of the work during the week.

I had been planning on leaving Geneseo around 3:30 but I was being so productive that I decided to wait at least another hour. I had the car all packed and ready to go at 2:30 but when I finally tried to leave the neighbours kept grabbing me and I didn’t manage to get out of Geneseo until ten after five!

I drove east out to Canandaigua and met the Relyea’s at McGreggor’s on Canandaigua Lake. It was a bright and warm Sunday afternoon and the slight breeze off of the lake was perfect. We had dinner and hung out for a little bit. It was nice to get to visit. I also dropped off Josh’s new IP phone so that he could take it home and get it hooked up.

It was after seven when I finally left Canandaigua to drive to New Jersey. At least Canandaigua was somewhat on the way so it wasn’t too bad going over there. I took the route using the New York Thruway out to Syracuse and then south on US81 to pick up my normal route. There was sun as I drove east but once I turned onto US81 everything grew dark and ominous and the lightning could be seen in the distance over Cortland County and to the south.

The rain started around Cortland or a little to the north and continues all through the evening as I drove. The electrical storm was intense and there was a lot of warnings on the radio about it. The rain wasn’t so hard as to impare driving until I reached Pennsylvania then it really started. From Scranton until I got to Wind Gap or so the rain was unbelievable. Some of the hardest rain that I have ever been in. Once I was in New Jersey it let up and the rest of the drive wasn’t too bad. But by that point I was almost home. Once again, you will notice, it rained on a day when I was driving to or from New Jersey.

It was late – after midnight – when Oreo and I finally got home to North Brunswick. Boy were we tired. We mostly unpacked the car and then went right to bed. I am very glad that tomorrow is a “work from home” day. But not as happy as Oreo is about it.

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