August 11, 2006: Early Morning Support

I had to get up by 4:45 this morning and be on the road by 5:40. My work day started at 6:30 which is a little on the early side for me. Especially since I have been doing the later shift now for the past two months. Almost everyday has been starting with me getting in to the office between 9:00 and 10:00 and staying until quite late. Shifting my day forward by three hours is a bit drastic for only a half day warning but I feel pretty good.

For lunch a bunch of us drove up to Moghul in Morristown to meet with my ex-cubicle neighbour for lunch. He is working near there this week and was able to meet us easily. There was a lot of construction blocking US 287 southbound so we decided to take the local roads instead to get back. This was probably a big mistake as it ended up taking forever to get back going that way.

I was able to leave work on the early side since I was in to work so early and got home ahead of rush hour which was awesome as I was able to spend the evening relaxing at home. For dinner we ran out to the Omega since they have the Crab Cakes on Mac and Cheese that I like so much on Friday nights as the special.

I was totally quoted by Baseline Magazine tonight. Paragraphs three and four are from me. It isn’t much of a quote and it isn’t credited but it is in my favourite rag so that is really awesome. I am quite excited about it.

We had to get to bed on the early side tonight as tomorrow is an early travel day.

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