August 17, 2006

I woke up at a decent time this morning. I managed to get into work nice and early without even needing to rush. That was a nice start to the day.

Work was busy but not too busy. I got some time catch up on some magazine reading as well. InfoWorld, Baseline and Windows IT Pro today.

Overall the day was pretty uneventful. It was decided that I would be covering the early morning shift tomorrow – starting at 6:30 in the morning so I decided to not stay very late tonight. My plan is to be in to the office nice and early tomorrow and then get out between 3:30 and 4:00, drive down to the apartment and then log back in as we are doing an evening deployment. Oh the joy. It will be a long day. If I am lucky I can get the evening deployment done before dad is ready to go out to dinner. We are taking him to the Omega Diner which is right next door – okay, okay TWO doors down – from his hotel.

As many of you are aware, in 1994 there was a massive salt mine collapse directly underneath York Central School where I was just finishing my senior year at the time. Today I happen to stumble upon the United States Geological Survey’s white paper on the collapse. For those of us that lived through the quakes, the lost homes, roads, bridges, creeks and jobs this was a very major event. It completely transformed the Genesee Valley region for many years and will continue to have serious ecological effects for hundreds of years.

I came home a little early because I wanted a chance to get some rest before having to return to work very early tomorrow morning. I got home just after six and almost immediately Dominica and I had to drive down to Princeton to drop off her car at the BMW dealer there so that they can look at her passenger side door handle and window that stopped working last week. That killed most of the evening as the traffic is often terrible on Route 1 and it took forever to drive all of the way down there, get the car turned in to the dealer and to drive all of the way back.

We came home and Dominica cooked dinner – faux salmon from Veat. We had Veat chicken substitute the other day and that was pretty good but the fish fillet was weird. We watched the final episode of the second season of Ballykissangel and then it was time for bed. It is going to be a really short night for me tonight.

We tried going to bed around 9:45 but didn’t manage to actually get to bed until after 11:00! Ugh. I have to be up by 4:30 at the latest.

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