August 19, 2006: Dad in New Jersey

I wrapped up last night’s post before I managed to leave the office. I got home to North Brunswick later, close to eight o’clock, and picked up Dominica (her car is still in the shop for the door handle – it was completed today but we couldn’t coordinate any way to get the car until tomorrow.) We swung in to the Ramada and picked up dad and the three of us went to the Omega Diner for some dinner. Dad got the amazing crab cakes over mac and cheese that I talk about on here all of the time. He was very impressed.

After dinner we took dad back to the hotel and we came home and everyone went to bed early. I worked a thirteen hour day at the office and was up for three and a half hours before going to the office so I was dead tired by the time that we got to bed. I really needed some serious sleep.

We got up this morning and picked up dad and returned to the Omega for some breakfast – this is a lot like what we do when we are in Geneseo for the weekend. After breakfast we all drove down to Princeton to pick up Dominica’s car from the dealer there. That killed a good piece of the morning. It really does take quite a while to drive all of the way down to Princeton, deal with picking up the car and then drive all of the way back.

We came back to North Brunswick and dad got to see our apartment for the first time. It was just after noon by the time we got back there and dad and Dominica wanted to go to see a movie that was showing at two thirty so we decided to just hang out at the apartment until it was time to go to the showing. Dad and I had some work that needed our attention so we managed to get a big chunk of that out of the way while we were there.

I am working on installing Microsoft’s Shared Computer Toolkit onto a new desktop that dad had brought down with him so that is keeping me busy today as well. It isn’t a hard product to learn to use but my window for getting it right is very small. Good thing that I enjoy learning new technologies.

We went to the movie theatre near Tanjore and watched Step Up which we all liked. It is one of the few movies that has come out recently that I even know about.

After the movie it was dinner time. We tried to take dad to Tanjore but they were not open. Their website said that they opened at five but the sign on the door said that they expected to be back at six fifteen and even that was taking a chance as they don’t always come back promptly. So we decided to just do Bertucci’s which is in the same little plaza. Dad had never been to a Bertucci’s before so that worked out well anyway. He was nervous about getting Indian so he was relieved, I think.

After dinner we got some ice cream at the ice cream place in the same plaza and then went back to the apartment. It was well into evening by this point. I spent the rest of the evening working on the workstation and we all watched the DVD of Robin Williams in RV that Dominica had seen with her family and had really liked. It was good. I had no idea what the movie was about and had never heard of it except for her going to see it a month or two ago so I didn’t know what to expect. But it was a good movie. Cute and contrived but entertaining and fun.

After the movie we took dad back to the hotel and then returned to the apartment. Dominica and I stayed up a little longer and watched Sideways on DVD with Paul Giamatti. Sideways is one of dad’s DVDs that we were borrowing and we figured that it would be the perfect time to watch it so that he could take it home with him on Monday. Giamatti is really good but the movie was pretty weak. It was okay and some parts were entertaining but for the most part it was blah.

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