August 21, 2006: Happy Birthday Dominica!

Dominica turns twenty-eight today!

I was up nice and early this morning, got ready for work, got Dominica out of bed, starting packing stuff into the car for dad to take home and then discovered that the SGL server was down. The plan had been to go for breakfast at eight this morning and I was pretty much ready to walk out the door at a quarter to eight but then with the server issue it took an additional forty-five minutes before we were actually able to leave the apartment. But at least the server was back up and running before we left. Otherwise it would have made for a much longer day.

I stopped into the hotel and transferred all of the stuff that I had over to dad’s car and then drove him over to the Omega to get some breakfast. Dominica was there waiting for us when we arrived. We had breakfast together and said our good-byes and then I was off to the office and Dominica returned dad to the hotel so that he could begin his drive back to Pavilion.

I got to the office just in time to park the car and wait in the lawn with everyone else. We had a small fire in our building this morning and they had to bring in the fire department and everything. That killed a huge chunk of the morning. We were standing outside waiting to be let in for at least half an hour and maybe quite a bit more. Not the most efficient way to spend the morning. But it did add some interest to the day and make the day go past a lot faster.

The rest of my day ended up being very busy. I barely got a chance to do anything today. Instead of getting lunch (after this weekends food fest I was in no mood to eat anyway) I drove down to Jiffy Lube on Route 22 and got an oil change for my car. I have been needing to do that and it keeps getting pushed off so I just forced myself to take care of it today. At least something productive happened.

Dominica had her interview in Nutley this afternoon. She thinks that it went well and is hopeful for a job offer. The position is perfect timing – she is finally out from under “the gun” and has been having actual free time, more or less, down here in New Jersey. She will have a lot more when two of her classes at Empire end in a week or two and in the fall semester she is just going to take a single class – Java Programming. So her fall will be more relaxed and the perfect time for her to start work. And the job is for six months which is a good time frame for this type of work for her. Hopefully after completely her stint there she will be in a really good position to begin to move up the ladder and look to some more interesting work. And with us attempting to buy a house in November we can really use every extra dollar that we can scrounge. It is going to be tight and the expected closing is just ninety days away which is much closer than it seems. Autumn is going to be very busy for us (as if the summer wasn’t.)

I got stuck at work very late tonight. I ended up working on a server that was down all day and that we couldn’t get fixed no matter what we tried. While I was waiting for it at least I managed to get through some reading that I was backed up on. I read a bit more in the Joel Spolsky book that I am working on, read an entire issue of eWeek and made it through most of an issue of Baseline.

It was about half past eight when I finally got back to North Brunswick. We were tired and didn’t want to take the time to go out to eat so we just ate some of the leftovers that we had around the house from this weekend. Then it was time for bed.

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