September 21, 2006: Getting Close

Today is our final “normal” day in the North Brunswick apartment. Everything appears to be in place for the move. More or less. The CableVision rep didn’t get back to me with all of the things that she needed and I don’t have access to a fax tomorrow so we might have a problem there. Going all weekend without Internet access will be crappy.

Work was busy but not out of control. There was breathing room. But still it kept me busy.

After work Dominica and I spent the evening mostly packing. There isn’t a lot but it needs to be done and the window to do it in is pretty small. We got about half of everything that was going to go into plastic bins into them tonight. All of the books, DVDs, electronics and most of the miscellaneous papers have been packed up.

Dominica really wanted some pizza so we ordered from Domino’s and watched Frequency which I haven’t seen since it first went to DVD.

I ended up working quite late and not getting a chance to go to bed until one in the morning. But, once again, overtime. Dominica went to bed early because she is working an hour earlier tomorrow than usual. We are hoping that she can get out of work an hour early but that might not be the case but if not then at least she will be getting overtime on her first full week which is kind of cool.

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