September 24, 2006: Cleaning in North Brunswick

Today is cleaning day. The worst part of moving, except maybe the moving, is the prepping of the old apartment for turn over. It is so final. It isn’t like normal cleaning and packing where there is always something left for later of if you miss something you can always do it later. But when you do the final check out everything has to be perfect.

We slept in just a little but sleeping in these days isn’t very late. Oreo was a lot more calm today now that all of our stuff is moved into the new place. He loves getting taken outside for his walks here as there are so many smells and so many other dogs have obviously been through there.

We ordered the car and I took Oreo out for his morning walk and Dominica went over to Subway to get some breakfast sandwiches. Then we ate in the car as we drove down to North Brunswick.

Cleaning didn’t take nearly as long as we had thought. Hard wood floors do have the advantage of being easy to clean once the apartment is empty. It took several hours but we were done early on in the afternoon. Oreo spent the day laying in the middle of the living room on his Star Wars pillow looking sad. But he was quite happy when we loaded him into the car and returned to Newark.

Tonight is our first real chance to actively get the house into working order. Dominica spent the evening continuing to work on laundry and there isn’t very much left. She worked hard getting the bedroom and bathroom into order (she did a ton of the kitchen yesterday although there is still plenty to do there.) I worked on the living room and managed to get the desks and computers in place. I got our firewall hooked back up and our Internet connection is really working and our wireless is back up.

I ended up having to work for a few hours this afternoon. Nothing major.

We ordered dinner in from Steakhouse 1 which came highly recommended by the concierge tonight. The food took forever. Almost two hours. We had to call several times to make sure that they were on their way. The concierge said that they are always really busy and that it does take quite some time.

When the food finally arrived we found out why there was such a wait. The subs that we ordered were amazing. I had taken Oreo out for a walk right as the food had arrived and by the time he and I made it up to the apartment Dominica had all ready finished her dinner! My sub was awesome too. Really messy but so tasty. That was one of the best subs I have ever had. If Wegmans could make bread that good ad soft then I wouldn’t need them to toast their rolls either.

After dinner it was bed time. The apartment is coming together nicely. The bedroom feels like a bedroom and the bathroom is done. The kitchen is well under way and the living room is pretty much set on the one side. There are still several bins to be addressed and there are a number of computers that need to be shipped elsewhere because we don’t have anywhere to put them at all but other than that we are doing pretty well. Tomorrow we will probably have the place completed as much as we can for the moment.

We need to get three or four bar stools for the kitchen bar. That is our “dining room table”. And we have to figure out what we want to do about other furniture. We might bring some down from New York. We haven’t decided yet. Soon we want to get some of our good desks from Geneseo. Maybe we will coordinate that with needing to move all of the big stuff out of there. There is quite a bit left to get.

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