September 28, 2006

Today is Oreo’s final day alone in the apartment. He is getting used to me leaving him at this point but he still doesn’t like it. He knows about when I talk him for his morning walk in the park and he gets very anxious. He has gotten very used to the procedure for getting into the elevator. He walks directly to the back of the elevator and sits down and waits until the doors open again and he knows that he is not allowed to walk around in the elevator. What a good boy he is.

I found an interesting web site that provides an “enhancement” to the VMWare technology for what they call LivePC’s. These are virtual machines that run on your desktop but instead of downloading a complete image this is a heavy compression and streaming technology that allows you start up machines quickly that you have not downloaded previously and also handles automatic updating and caching. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet but it definitely sounds very interesting. You can check out LivePC at the Moka5 website.

Dominica discovered an awesome video on Google Video yesteray: The Evolution of Dance. This is one of the best videos ever and well worth the time to watch. This is especially hilarious to those of us who grew up during the eras of these dances.

Dominica was on a role finding good videos today apparently and also found this great footage of a Texas anchorman being attacked by a lizard. Short but quite funny.

Good news for web developers and anyone working extensively with image formats – as of October 1, 2006 the GIF image format is finally going to be completely patent free and available for unlimited use.

I have been meaning to put this into the dailies for a week or two but haven’t gotten to it. My grandma Miller’s neighbour from when she used to live in Ohio many, many years ago was recently doing some cleaning and discovered an old letter from my grandmother thanking her neighbours for helping her to move. The letter wasn’t dated but we can estimate when it is from because she talks about me graduating from nursery school. “My little Scott graduated from Nursery School. He had a cap, gown and diploma. It was really nice. They even served punch and cake to parents and grandmas!!”

I posted last night before our dinner had actually arrived. It took an hour and a half for our food to get to us but we were expecting that. Unfortunately they didn’t get my sub right – piling it with onions and slathering it in Italian dressing instead of just lettuce and tomatoes with mayo like I like it. I ate it but it just isn’t the same. Once you wait for ninety minutes you hope that the food is amazing. And the bread wasn’t fresh today like it was the other day. The effect was the difference between possibly the best non-toasted sub that I have ever had and a sub I wouldn’t bother to get even if it was delivered quickly. Since we have only ordered from them twice and they messed up the order half the time it isn’t encouraging for us to try them again. The other problem is that Italian dressing is like a self-destruct mechanism built into the sub making it soggy and gross so that it isn’t any good as left-overs. Now every time we go to order subs I will be unlikely to choose Steakhouse 1. They take so long to deliver that you really can’t do anything about it when they mess up the order. So we will see how they do going forward.

I worked a little late tonight not leaving until about seven. But tomorrow I will work from home so it isn’t too bad. Dominica made herself dinner tonight and I ate the leftovers from last night that were not as bad as I thought that they were likely to be.

Oreo finally decided that the hedgehog had to die so he set to tearing it apart tonight pulling every last but of stuffing out of it. What fun he has with that. Now the livingroom is full of hedgehog stuffing. Dominica worked on her Java class homework and I worked on getting more of the bins emptied and put away. We are down to the nitty gritty and it takes a while as I have to find a suitable location for each little thing. We are hoping to be able to go shopping for a small corner shelf thing to put in our entryway this weekend so that we have a place to put the random daily stuff like keys and the dog’s leash. Right now they are going on the counter in the kitchen and that doesn’t help make the place look nice and organized. I did manage to get an entire bin put away. That helps. Pretty much everything left that needs to go somewhere is in a bin and there are just four bins left in total. We figure that one bin will have to remain as the “wires and stuff” bin like we have had for a year now. One bin is returning to New York. That only leaves two bins yet to actually get put away and both of those are primarily books that are waiting for a bigger bookshelf to arrive and then they will be all set. So we are in good shape.

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