September 3, 2006: Brunching in Ithaca

We didn’t have a lot of time to sleep in this morning as every day is a busy day when you are the Millers.

Yesterday was supposed to have been my class reunion picnic at Starr Park in Leicester but apparently the event was cancelled due to rain and there is some plan to try to organize something in the spring. But sadly it didn’t sound like there was very much interest and not too many people planning on attending but maybe in the spring we will have had more of a chance to have gotten things organized and now that we have a web site to get information out to people more easily maybe people will get more interested.

Dominica and I were up just past nine which was way too early for all of the driving and partying of the past two days. We got ready to go and packed up the room. We talked to the front desk about the attempted reservations that we had tried to make yesterday for brunch this morning at Banfi’s but they said that even with a day lead they were not able to get us into brunch until the afternoon so we cancelled there and made plans to have brunch at the Ramada on Triphammer by the mall. We had wanted to return to Rogue’s Harbor in Lansing where they used to have the most amazing raspberry melba French toast but they no longer offer brunch. So the Ramada is was.

We got over to the Ramada at a quarter till eleven and ended up at the table right next to Bob’s family. Lisa family was there as well. Apparently no one was able to get into Banfi’s today. The four of us plus Eric and his girlfriend Margaret ate at the Ramada. Bob and Lisa arrived as we were almost done eating and Zach stopped by for just a minute. It was neat to have brunch with Bob and Lisa after their wedding since they had brunch with us at the Yard of Ale in Piffard (which was awful) the morning after our wedding almost three years ago. (Bob first introduced us to Lisa at our wedding.)

After brunch we all hit the road to return to Geneseo and Rochester. Dominica and I had separate cars so she left and went straight to Richardson’s to meet dad and to pick up the stuff that he had that we needed to be able to work this afternoon. I went to Borders quickly and looked over their book selection as I am running low on reading material down in New Jersey. I didn’t find much but took the opportunity to pick up “The Mythical Man Month” which I have been meaning to get for years and have never picked as my current reading selection.

I listend to “Lake Wobegon Boy” in the car on the way to Leicester and managed to arrived just seconds after both dad and Dominica had pulled into the driveway. Absolutely perfect timing! Oreo was glad to see us but totally exhausted. He gets lots of excercise when he stays with dad. He spends his days running around in the ten acre lawn and sleeps for days once we get him back.

We got the stuff that we needed from dad and then we ran up to Pittsford to complete the TMobile project that we have been working on since last year. This one site just couldn’t get completed and today we are finally finishing it. What a relief that will be. It hasn’t really been “a problem” just a coordination issue but it is just one of those things that you have to keep in the back of your mind and always plan around and it is very nice to finally have it done. That took as a couple of hours of very non-strenuous work. Dominica even managed to run over to Bath and Body Works and do a little shopping and I managed to do a little reading while we were waiting for computers to get imaged. I needed to just sit for a little bit anyway.

After working we just went down to Richardsons in Leicester and hung out with the family for a few hours. Boy were we tired though. We went back to the house in Geneseo around nine and went down to our neglected theatre and watched New Police Story the fifth installment in the series and what must be the worst. It was okay but not good. Not what you expect from Jackie Chan at all.

After that we were ready for bed. We were exhausted and being in Geneseo has my ragweed allergy flaring up something awful again which is going to take its toll on me quickly as well.

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